Sunday, 15 November 2009


Here they are, complete with doors.

Even tidy inside...

Well, as you can see, the wardrobes now have doors. D helped me to hang them today - 4 hinges per door and they were quite heavy!  They have no handles yet (have to buy these next time I am shopping), so we've had to put a tiny screw in the r/h door of the double, and leave a gap by the single one, to let me get the doors open! Still, they look nice, don't they. A definite improvement on the portable clothes rail and pile of boxes we had there for 3 months.  See the clever drawer at the bottom? I can pull it out and get at all that clutter that congregates at the bottom of a wardrobe and gets dusty. No excuse now for a big mess down there!

 After the storm and heavy rain, today has been lovely.  I woke to blue sky, sunshine and singing birds and it carried on all day.  I just took these photos from our bedroom windows - it's still a lovely evening. 

We took advantage of the good weather to raid the garage for the pieces of a bookcase we brought with us when we moved in.  The garage is not the driest place in the world and I was worried that the bookcase (made of chip-board with laminate) would have been spoiled after spending 3 winters out there.  We brought it in and had a look.  Some of the pieces don't look great, but I think I can put it together still, without the damage showing too much.  This means I can use it in my new work-room. There is a pair to it, which is down in the utility/laundry room. I might move it upstairs and give it to J for his zillions of books. I can hide the damaged one, but his would be visible by the door - so he'd better have the nice one.  Anyway, one less thing to buy at good old Ikea! 

J's room is now a lot more tidy, as D took all the empty wardrobe boxes outside.  But I am so tired and stiff that we haven't been able to put up the shelves as we'd planned.  Still, two big wardrobes and a tidy bedroom isn't too bad for a weekend's work.

I got a few nice comments on yesterday's post. Thanks all! It is good to know someone has read my stuff and liked it.

I have been thinking a lot the last few days, about What I Want from my Blog.  It seems a bit aimless and waffly just now.  Not sure whether I like that or not.  It's just a sort-of online journal really, but I am trying to decide if I need it to have more "purpose" than that.  Sure, I can post my scrap layouts and finished books, but do I also want it to serve a more concrete purpose?  Still thinking... will let you know... maybe!

Bye All - wonder what Shimelle will have for us tomorrow?


  1. They are nice wardrobes! They are on my list of things to buy! :) (after bathroom and kitchen!- house renovation!)

  2. Wardrobes look brilliant. Certainly an improvement on boxes.

  3. hi there lizzie, thanx for ur lovely comments. I luv your bookbinding products on ur shop.......ever taught classes to novices?
    jo xxx

  4. love your new wardrobes - they look so organised


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