Monday, 23 November 2009

The Shopping List

Well, I did my Monday jobs and came home again. I then took a sandwich, glass of water and a banana, rounded up my pc, some paper, pencil, tape measure and ruler and went upstairs.

I measured, I scribbled, I thought, I re-measured, scribbled some more, thought some more...

I sat in the Office, at the big desk and turned on the big PC. I drew a carefully measured rectangle, pushed a few buttons and drew some more careful rectangles.  I went in search of the scissors and cut out the small rectangles. Then I arranged them on the carefully measured big rectangle and thought a bit more.

I then started the Shopping List for tomorrow... because, of course, tomorrow is Ikea Day! I have a trip planned, to buy the stuff necessary to turn a semi-empty "spare room" into a Workroom!

 I have Big Plans for my Workroom, based on several months' consideration, cogitation ..and a bit of noseying into other people's blog photos, to see how they have their space organised.

Also have promised J that he can have a large folding table that is on special offer this week, also a nice desk-chair, so he can be comfortable while he works.

I added the items I "need" to the list, along with some useful storage options, boxes etc. 

I scrolled to the bottom and looked at the total.


Hmm... The List takes up 2 pages of A4 (including small thumbnails). I think I need to prune it to one sheet of A4.  Problem... I "need" everything on it!  Or J does.

I can see that I need a "This Month, Next Month, The Month After" approach.  The problem must be solved because I don't think the bank manager will be happy otherwise.

Off to tidy up my paper and pencils and search for my Pruners!


  1. Love Ikea - though it can be quite dangerous! Good luck!

  2. I can't wait to see how it develops!

  3. Hi thanks for your blog post! Yeah I am back at school now. yuck weather and lots of homework so really not impressed! grrrr... Anyway so chuffed with the award! Will have to think about my nominations! eeh exciting! Yeah I am 17 so i have been nominated as the driver of the blog train! Basically I add a different perspective! Yeah I had quite a few LO's published quite recently. One in the letters page and two in the readers gallery. Anyway hoep your plans go well! Love reading your blog btw. Always so interesting! xxxx

  4. Train Driver! What fun!

    I will look in my recent back copies to see if I can spot you! Yay!

  5. Thats the problem with Ikea - nothing is very expensive, yet it all adds up. Look forward to seeing your progress on the work room.

  6. I love that you did cutting out and rearranging of rectangles :-) That's totally what I would do....


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