Monday, 2 November 2009

Sock Mania in Lizzie's Shop!

I have a shop. It is called LizzieMade and is at  I am quite proud of this, as I have worked very hard over recent months, to get it up and running.  My main product offers are hand-made journals and scrapbooks, also custom-made scrapbook layouts or mini-albums. To date I have made 9 sales in the shop and several outside it.  I've worked on advertising and publicity options too, as you can't sell to non-existent customers. People have to actually visit your shop site and see what you offer, before you can make any sales.

I have been working on a commission recently, for a lady who would like a diary/planner/notebook, that she can take to work and use in meetings, as well as at home.  We had discussions about what she would like and I made some sketches.  I have now completed the diary part and have to complete the cover/notebook section.  It has been quite a learning curve for me, but I have enjoyed it. 

However, I went away over half term, for a short break by the sea-side.  We stayed in a youth hostel, where I couldn't really take all my book-binding equipment.  I had to content myself with a scrapbooking box and spent a happy morning in the hostel, making a layout of my baby niece playing in the autumn leaves.  It's almost finished and I will post a picture of it some time soon.. .

I also took a bag of socks.  Yes, that was correct, not a spelling mistake. I took socks.  I also took needles, threads, buttons, ribbons and a bag of polyester toy filling.  So you're with me now?  The result of several evenings in the youth hostel, sitting on my bed while my son slept and my husband played computer games...  These guys - my Three Amigos!

They were all listed on my Etsy shop today and I'm pretty pleased with them.  I made and sold a pink-striped Lucky Cat sock toy last month. It went to a good home, to be company for a blue sock cat who already lived there.  I hope these give similar enjoyment to their new owners!

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