Friday, 27 November 2009

This Week I Have Been Mostly Making Books and Furniture...

Well, my last post was about the Furniture, so this one will be about the Books!

Having finished the Tutorial mini-book, I was inspired to make some more stuff for my Etsy shop. I hope you like them!

This circular mini-book is decorated with felt and ribbons, to look (a bit) like a Christmas decoration.  The pages are covered with papers from the Papermania Christmas range.

This is a "Beer Mat" book! The covers are made with plain mats that are normally printed as pub beer mats. I have used Daisy Bucket papers for the whole album. The edges of the covers and pages are inked with red, to give them a nice finish.

I am quite proud of this one! It's a traditional style Album, with a two-piece hinged spine.  The covers and pages are bound together with ribbons.  The useable area of the pages is 8" by 6", which is a nice size for scrapping or photos. I added just a line of glittery sparkle to the cover, to give it a nice finish. The back cover and hinged panel are covered with silver cardstock. All the pages are cardstock too.

I made the pink felt-covered album to go with the amazing papers in the accompanying kit.  They are from the Christmas collection in a range called "Say it with a  SMIRK". I think they're fab!  I made up the kit by trimming the papers to suit and adding ribbons and embellishments. 

I really hope someone will buy it and have a great time scrapping their Christmas. 
Hopefully I'll do well over the Holiday Season - especially as I'm offering free shipping on seasonal stuff.


  1. Love this project! oh my word I am over the moon excited! She is your neice! That is seriously exciting. Thanks so much for linking me to her page! ah would love it if she even looked at her blog cos her own work is beautiful! Does she have a blog?! thanks again1 Abi xxxxxx

  2. Lizzie, I'm cheating and commenting on this post for your last two entries .... I love the felt covered album - very nice indeed, and as for the DYI - you did well to get as far as you did. I mentioned earlier that I have to go to the Swedish Shop as well ... I'm employing delay tactics - not a fan of that place - it makes me giddy!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Lizzie, your books are gorgeous! I look forward to checking out your Etsy shop! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  4. Isn't everyone nice? It's encouraging (and gratifying!) to get positive feedback on my stuff.
    The New Workroom is due to be (nearly) finished this weekend. Then I can start moving in. I hope for a 200% improvement in productivity after that! Have to start on the Christmas Presents - I am so behind!

    Abi, I will message you on your Blog... I don't think you have an e-mail? You can mail me if you want to though -

    Amy, I always go online before I go to Ikea. I make a "Shopping List" of all the items I want to buy and use their Local function to add the warehouse locations to the list.
    Then I go round the warehouse first, get all the "big stuff", get it loaded into the car. Then I have a coffee!! Then I go round the showroom, try out stuff if I need to (that's the stuff I don't buy first!), buy the little things etc.
    I have even done 3 circuits if I need to get too much stuff! It works every time and makes it much less stressful. (mind you, I do pick days when it will be quiet there too).
    Happy Shopping!

    Tracy, thanks for your comment. You're welcome to drop by my shop any time (hee hee).

  5. Oh, I forgot - Abi (and anyone who's interested). Keri-Anne's blog is listed on my own blog - in the list of special sites on the right.

  6. Lizzie,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your post made me visit your blog! You are very talented! I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

  7. I love that pink felt covered album too. Hope your etsy shop does really well in the run up to Christmas!

  8. Some gorgeous little books, the idea of using beer mats.....for some known to OH probably....have a whole box of them.

  9. Lizzie,
    These are all brilliant! I really like how versatile the circular one is, and I love the taggy one, too.


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