Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tidying Up Day

Not much time for Posting today!  I had a Tidying Up Day.  The house was so messy and a friend had called to say he'd visit on his way from a training course, to stay at his parents' house.  I thought it was time I did some serious Housework! Nothing like an incentive to focus that woolly brain...

So I cleaned the kitchen, cloakroom and bathroom.  I tidied up J's heap of models from one end of the dining table, and my heap of scrapping and book-binding materials from the other.  I picked up the pile of books from the sofa and put them away. I even got out the dusters and polished up some furniture!  No hoover - I needed D to do that for me.  Still, it looks nice. 

Our friend arrived just after 6pm and stayed for a coffee and a chat.  Once he went off to his mum & dad's for dinner, we had Lazy Pizza (that's pizza delivered, rather than pizza made at home). 

Then I wrote my Post for Saturday's Creative Circle Blog Party! 

A small Sneak for Saturday... be HERE Saturday 1am CA time (9am GMT), for more! (and a hint that I am offering a giveaway at the end of the Party!)

G'night All!


  1. hi lizzie,
    we must stop meeting like this. can't wait to see ur sneak on saturday. i'm also doing a teaser for saturday which will happen in the evening!!!
    jo xxx

  2. Sometimes I will invite a friend over just to get motivated to clean the house LOL
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. the scarves are done :)

  3. Ooooh. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for Saturday! And, if you want to fly across the pond and come clean my house in California . . . you're welcome to!

  4. Exciting, exciting :-) Can't wait for tomorrow!!

  5. PS Just gave you an award - hope you like it :-)


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