Monday, 30 November 2009

Moving In Day

I've started moving stuff into my New Workroom!! Wooo! I am still so excited about this. I've been looking forward to it for months and months. Now I finally have a workroom that I don't share with the washing machine, dryer, fridge, freezer, laundry, ironing pile and cleaning equipment!!

There is still a bit of mess in here and I can't get all my stuff upstairs yet - partly because I need to add more wall shelves (which I will have to buy!) and partly because it's all a bit much for my back, which is on strike today. I may have to just cope with the stuff I have brought in so far - and do a little project by way of celebration!

Oh, and the other good news - we have a Dining Room again! Yesterday we invited my niece, her husband and the baby to dinner. 

We ate dinner at the table for the first time in weeks - because it was no longer covered in J's models (moved yesterday morning), or my crafting stuff - put in boxes.  I even ate my breakfast at the table this morning.  You can even see that we have a desk and a chest of drawers, instead of them being obscured by model-making equipment!


  1. Hooray!! *happy dance* to share your excitement :-)

  2. Look after your back!
    Looking better with each post - must have been nice to share a meal at the table with the family :-)

  3. How exciting, Lizzie!!! I've had a work space for a couple of years now and remember the excitement when it was new. Actually, it's still exciting today ~ I know how lucky I am to have that space. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!!

  4. looking g8 so far lizzie. so much lovely space. ikea rules
    jo xxx

  5. Hooray for dining rooms! I really want to reclaim ours. Just checking that you got the ingredients translation for the Rock. It's 1lb sugar (450g) and 3/8 pint water (200ml). Seriously, give it a go and let me know what you think


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