Saturday, 7 November 2009

Little by little...

So this is what we did today... The new room for J is an ongoing Project just now.  It's going slowly, as we have time and injury constraints, but we are beginning to make progress now. 
The wardrobe was delivered on Wednesday, along with some for our new bedroom in the extension, but we only had time to start it this afternoon. It was pretty easy, which was a relief, as the "easy to lay" flooring was anything but! The instructions were clear, all the bits were there...

"Simples" as the little meerkat says.

This heap of assorted furniture, books and junk is more of the room Project. The cupboard and drawers fit under J's bed, but we have decided to make him a "reading corner" and use under-the-bed for storing boxes of junk  - I mean toys! It will get tidier as we go on. Mind you, whether it will stay tidier is up to Himself once he moves in!
The Plan For Sunday is to take the bed apart, into manageable chunks, move each chunk from the other side of that dark blue wall, into the New Room and re-assemble it in its new position.

Wish Us Luck!

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