Friday, 13 November 2009

It's Finished!

After a lo-o-o-ng time of trying to get to grips with the commission for a diary/planner, it is finally finished! There is a diary, planned, laid out on the computer and printed by me, a removable/replaceable notebook, a pocket to hold stamps/receipts etc and a small window to hold a photo.  It is covered in deep blue art paper and decorated with small stars, stamped in silver ink.  The whole thing is enclosed by a three-panel folding case - think wrap-around portfolio - and fastens with a silver magnetic snap.  I can't post photos because its owner won't get it til Tuesday.  Once she's happy with it, I will post pictures!

My next project is already planned out. A present for someone's birthday... then some Christmas presents and also Christmas books (notebooks, mini albums, photo albums) and other projects for my shop.  I think that should be enough to keep me occupied.  I just hope no more disasters or illnesses happen to hold up progress again.  It was so frustrating to know I wanted to work on the diary project, but to be continually prevented by a series of other events.

The weekend will be busy. We have 2 tall wardrobes to assemble, for our new bedroom, so that the boxes are out of J's new room.  Once those are done, we have shelves to put up in J's room and stuff to move onto those shelves.  That will help to clear out the new "spare room / workroom" for me to start planning and setting it up.  I think wardrobes and shelves are the most we can hope to finish in two days. I hope we manage it all!

Things are exciting round here! I have so much to do, and want to do it all at once. It's amazing any housework ever gets done... at least the bathrooms and kitchen are clean and tidy, even if the rest looks like a bomb-site!

And my new PC? It's lovely. I am still setting it up - which will take a long while, as I really don't have much spare time for it just now - but I'm using it to type this Post and read e-mails etc.  My kind husband set it up for our wireless home lan, which means I can access my files on our main computer and copy photos etc onto my laptop.  I plan to copy all my pictures over to this laptop soon, but will need to make time to get it all organised.

I'm off to tidy away all my book-binding kit, then I have tea to make. We have tea early on Friday, as J goes to a trampolining club. He's not really a sportsman, but he loves trampolining. Our garden trampoline was one of the best things we ever bought.  He is out on it at least once every day, weather permitting and it has really helped improve his strength, muscle tone and general fitness.  It's a great thing for a kid who isn't keen on team sports.

He really enjoys Trampolining and is working for his Level 10 certificate now.

Back to work! Back later, I hope.  I haven't even had time to read Shimelle's prompt for today...

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