Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tick, tick, boom!

Wow, was yesterday busy! I am trying to squash so much into my day at the moment.  Anyway, no time to post.

However I did have a good day on the whole... I did spend a while chasing my tail first thing.  I kept starting something, thinking of another job I needed to do as well, then getting myself completely distracted, so that nothing was actually getting done at all.  I have days like that.  Should really start making lists and ticking things off... I really should... I know I should... well, one day I might...

I am a disorganised person. There, I said it. I'm not proud of it, but it is part of my personality. I'm untidy, a bit mad, can be very dense and slow on the uptake - always the last to know any news, disorganised.  It gets me in a few muddles, but somehow I have survived this long without too many major mishaps.  Of course, I do have good qualities too, which at least balance the bad ones.  I hope I'm fairly kind and caring (most of the time - we all have off-days), reasonably polite and considerate, friendly, quite cheerful (when I'm not moaning!), creative and fairly clever. So I suppose I'm not too much of a human muddle.  Just a personality soup, like so many other people I know!

I had a haircut - mentioned in a comment on Sian's blog actually!  I got myself poshed up a bit, as "scruffy" was becoming the normal word to describe my appearance. I'm not super-model material even now, but at least I look neat and tidy again.

Was supposed to do some shopping in town.  Got the stuff my mum wanted. Got the crafting materials I needed (plus a couple of extras...).  Forgot to buy a birthday present for my sister. Umm... she will have to have her Christmas present now and something else then!  Hoping to make her a Layout for her birthday too.  She made a slightly plaintive remark that I'd made layouts for her children, her grand-daughter, my son, our mother... "where's mine?".  I must raid her Facebook photos. She doesn't like to be photographed and pulls faces... there must be a couple of decent ones I could use!!

Then, after jobs and tea-time, Mr. G. arrived home specially early, so I could go out.  Some ladies have started a scrapbooking club in the next village (Bromham, Bedfordshire - message me if you might like to join!!).  We have met on 3 Sundays so far, but they booked the hall for yesterday evening, as an experiment.  I felt tired and didn't want to go, but of course I knew I'd enjoy it.  I packed up my current "project" and a spare or two, then off I went.  We had a nice, relaxed evening, scrapping and chatting.  I finished my "Project" - which is reserved for the Blog Circle Event at the Weekend, so you'll need to call back then.  Meanwhile, here's a Clue:

I also made this:

Hmmm, look familiar?  In fact, it is different - have a look at it more closely, then look at the one from Monday!  I sent off Monday's one today, but this one is for my Etsy shop.  It is much the same as the last one, though the pages are slightly different inside.

It's got the same pleated spine, so it will expand for embellishments on pages. The layered snowflakes look so pretty - this is slightly different to the last book, but same idea.

I did try to start the layout for my sister - honest! But I didn't have a single decent photo. Off to Facebook with me!

Many snores last night, once I got home. I did have a good day though.  This morning I have logged back on and found 8 lovely comments on my second post from Monday, along with an Award from Jo!   More on that later, when I find out how it works.

The best thing, so far about blogging, is that everyone is so nice!


  1. Ooh, looking forward to the party! See you there ;-)

    PS Congrats on the award!

  2. hi lizzie,
    I just copied and pasted the list into my blog and then chose 4 friends to send it onto. I then linked them in on my blog so other people could go to their sites to check out their answers and also their blogs............clever way to get more followers I thought.
    Jo xxx


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