Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Busy Day...

Somehow I don't feel like blogging today. It has been so busy and I can't think of anything much to say.

I read Shimelle's prompt for today and thought "Great, that's just what I did with yesterday's post!"... now I can't face doing it all again!

Good News though - I have made some good progress today, with the commission book. I have been planning, measuring and sewing pieces of the pocket linings for the inside of the case.

I also had a sneaky hour off and went to the local scrapbooking shop, to buy a roll of magnetic tape for the book closure. Of course, it turned into a sneaky 1 & 1/2 hours and I came home with way more than a roll of tape! But I have some lovely new Christmas paper, some great Bazzill cardstocks, some fab ultra-narrow masking tapes that will be great for this book project and for other things too, pastel buttons for my stash, a 12" layout display frame, some tags to label my stuff in my new workroom, some inks (needed bright orange and found some lovely purple and wisteria-mauve for my next l/o proj.), snowflake brads... oh, and my absolute super-star-hero buy of the day - a super-large circle punch, which will save me sooo much time when making my little circular scrap albums - like this one:

Front View

Back View

I spent hours carefully cutting out the circles from card, then from decorative papers. Now I can just punch them! All I will need to cut by hand is the chipboard covers (unless I want to break my lovely new punch!). 

I've got my eye on the scalloped one for next time...

Then J. was out of school early, as they had a 2-o'clock finish for Parents' Evening.  Rant Alert!  The only thing I don't like about his school, is the way they do this several times a year.  There are a number of parent's evenings and other events, where they decide to close early.  This causes lots of problems for working parents, who have to organise time off work, or extra child-care. No fair.  They hold Parents' "Evenings" from 2:30-6pm. Hardly an evening. My husband can't be the only parent who has a struggle to get there. He really wants to attend these things, yet they make it really hard for working parents. Sometimes he has had to book a half or even a whole day off work, just to make sure he can be there for a 10 minute appointment at some point between 2:30 and 5:50pm!  There are a maximum of 6 per year for any one teacher and I know of no other school where they do this.  Why can't they just have it from 4-8pm, like everyone else, then parents won't have all this trouble?  I appreciate my son's teachers, realise they work very hard and know they have busy lives too, but it is part of the teacher's remit, they expect it and it doesn't happen often.  End of Rant.

The good side of this though, was that J. was home 1 & 1/2 hours early today.  I like having him around and didn't mind re-organising myself today (it's not usually me that has a problem on early closure days, but I know lots of people who do). 

So, we went to see his new form teacher and have our regulation 10 minute how-he's-settled-in-this-year chat.  The news is that he's doing great.  She says he and his group from his old class have really begun to find their confidence and are happy, chatty and fun.  He got  "A" for effort (so far) in most subjects and "B" for any others, so we're very pleased with him.  She had lots of nice stuff to say about J himself and commended him on his wonderful writing skills.  He is writing a book and took the first 7 chapters into class to show her - she asked for it again so she could read it aloud in form-time. Apparently the whole form (yr 7 & 8 mixed half-&-half) think it's great.  Of course we're proud of him!

Well, for someone that "didn't feel like blogging", I've managed a fair few sentences... and a Start and Finish, with no "In this Post I am going to tell you about _______,________ & _______". 

Will it do, Teacher?


  1. Well it made me want to read to the end.
    What a pain though re the school
    Glad your son is doing so well

  2. Thanks for reading, Mary - rant and all!

  3. Up until this term our school have done exactly the same but only twice a year. My hubby hardly ever attends as he doesn't get home from work until after 6pm. Even though only a small percentage of parents work in our area, it still seems a little unfair!

  4. Highly impressive for someone who didn't want to blog!

  5. What a terrible set up for parent -teacher meetings, I can't imagine. great post though, I enjoyed reading it!


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