Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Bit of a Problem... Opinions Needed!

Okay, so I posted a Tutorial on Saturday, for the Creative Circle Blog Party.  And I offered a Giveaway. 

I asked for a Comment and for the commenter to answer 3 questions about other people's posts from the Blog Circle. 

I got 16 Comments, but only some people included answers to the Questions.

So, do I just accept all 16 comments and select one winner at random?

Or, do I only choose from those who followed "the rules"?

Or do I compromise and ask the winner to answer the questions (if they haven't already), before they can have their prize? 

I would welcome opinions, as I'm a bit unsure what I should do.


  1. Probably just the ones that followed the rules ... just an opinion from an impartial observer :)

  2. I think the ones who followed the rules - having said that, a few links were broken on the weekend - there were some hiccoughs that were rectified but I know it did make answering the questions more difficult.

  3. Firstly, as it's your giveaway, it's totally OK to go with whatever decision you feel most comfortable with and no-one should argue about that.

    When I've done giveaways I've always tried to make the 'rules' as clear as possible in the post, but there are always people who don't do whatever it is! I don't know why!! I thought yours was very clear and the only reason I didn't follow them was that I felt I shouldn't enter, as a fellow-host!

    What I've done in the past is to only count the people who actually did what I asked. It's a shame for the others, but if the instructions were clear, then it was their mistake. So I would pick one of those names at random.

    But as I said above, you should do what makes you feel most comfortable - what do you, personally, feel would be the fairest solution? And go with that. You're allowed to, it's your giveaway.

    *climbing down from soapbox now....*


  4. Thank you people, for your carefully considered replies. I feel better about going with my own feeling now, which basically agrees with you - if I asked people to do something and they haven't, then I shouldn't count them in for the giveaway (seems a shame, but there we are... )

    Ok, decision time now!


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