Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Day of Deliveries

The doorbell rang 4 times today.  The last ring was J returning from school, which was lovely, but the first three rings were ...

First: A courier delivering a box of books for Christmas presents - yeah!

Second: The postman with a parcel from DoCrafts. It had some great papers (more paper!), some fab bargain-priced metal embellishments (sets of gromlets and such) and one of those quiet eyelet setting things, which I've had my eye on for a while and they were selling cheap online.  If you haven't tried DoCrafts' website, it's well worth a look. They have an online clearance shop. I've bought several lots of stuff from them at super-bargain prices.

Third: Another courier, delivering 3 copies of THIS!

This is a new book, published  by my talented niece, Keri-Anne Pink.

She is only 23 years old and has taught herself photography over the past 5 years or so, but her work has a wonderful quality to it, which is story-like and dreamy.  She started showing her pictures on Flickr, then selling her work on Etsy and did very well. 

Now she has produced a small book, with a series of her photos, including a shoot that was done specifically for the book.  It also has a few of her whimsical little stories in it, which compliment the photos beautifully.  I am so proud of her ( find the book here).

So, as you can see, I was excited to get this today!

However, I waited in all day (and worked too!), for another ring at the bell, which never came.  It was supposed to happen between 8am and 1pm. By 3pm, I was on the phone, saying "Where is it?".  At 4.15pm, I was on the phone again, saying "You said they would call me and be here by 4.30pm. I have to go out at 4.30!). 

At 4.40pm, J and I put on our shoes and coats and opened the door to go to his friend's house.  There was a large white delivery van pulling into our driveway.  Yes! The driver asked me to sign for a box, which he then gave me.  Yes!

I had no time to look at it then and had to put it in the boot and drive off.  I had to wait til 7pm, before I had time to open This:

Which contained:

A Thing Of Beauty!

My wonderful husband (heavy emphasis on "wonderful") bought me a new pc, to help me develop my business, my writing and scrapping skills etc.  My old laptop is steam-powered and so sloooooow that I hardly ever use it.  It is also very heavy and gets really hot during use, which also causes me problems (a laptop that can't be used on the lap isn't much good). Also the battery lasts approx 3 minutes before it dies.  He had a bonus from work and gave me the money to buy the lovely object pictured above. 

I am such a lucky person!

While I waited for my new laptop, I was working on a commission. Here are a couple of sneaks, though I can't show too much - it's not fair if others get to see it before its new owner.

The blue book is the diary (back view, as the front is decorated specially and it's a secret!). I am making a case for it, with a notebook, pocket for receipts and stamps and a place for a photo. The whole thing will have a wrap-over flap, with a magnetic closure. It's all covered in the same deep blue art paper. I hope she will love it!

So, overall I've had a busy day!  And now I'm off to play with my nice, shiny New Toy (sorry, Business Equipment)!

Signing off... hee hee


  1. love the photos, your niece is quite talented.

    congrats on your new "baby"!

  2. what an amazing day of deliveries! I love the photos from your niece - so talented!

  3. That's a beautiful book. Thanks for pointing to her flickr account. I love her work. As for the computer, my hubby did the same thing, just over a year ago, and got me a Dell Studio - silver and red - so I completely know how you feel! congrats on having such a wonderful day of deliveries!


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