Saturday, 28 November 2009

Slowly But Surely

Well, we are getting there - gradually. The shelf unit is finished and we've almost finished J's shelves etc in his room.  Progress, but slowly. Today I've had sore kneck and shoulders, so we've had to slow down and do much less than expected.

The shelves are nearly finished and the stuff is pretty well organised now.

Now we have to put the desk together and decide where it all goes! Another trip to Ikea will be needed, to sort out more shelves and a few other bits & bobs, but I should be able to start moving my stuff and using the room at last!


  1. lizzy, I honestly don't know how to thank you! Your neice's work is incredible. Even more so because it has inspired me so much. My AS level photography topic is me, myself and I. I have interpreted that by basing all my work on my childhood memories and my changing enviornment. Keri-ann's work is perfect for this! ahh thank you so much! Your DiY work looks fab by the way, good luck with the new desk, I recently got a new one and still haven't got over the excitment! Lol! xxxxx

  2. Hi again! wow, never knew I was that clever but very glad i have given u ideas. Ahh your neice is coming round, that would be so lovely if u would but don't worry if you haven't got time! I'll have to go check out that section, sounds like fun! how do u do a give away and what do u give away? any tips?! xxxxx


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