Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Little Blog Safari

I have been busy today, building wardrobes for our new bedroom.  We have put together two big cupboards, with drawer, hanging rails and shelves, but not the doors just yet. 

So I'm tired and couldn't think of anything to blog about (other than the not-too-thrilling wardrobes).  I signed on to see what my fellow "Blogging for Scrapbookers" have been doing with their weekend... and ended up taking a bit of a Blog Safari.  Seemed like a good plan to blog about some friends for a change!

I started with today's Blog Train and tried to choose some people whose blogs I haven't visited yet.

First I visited Mel, to see her new Blog header. I think it's lovely.  For the record, Mel, I like the "without sequins" version best!  Also interested to see how cleverly Mel handled a rather unhelpful anonymous comment on an earlier post.  Well done you!

* * *

Comfy-Mom Stacey has blogged about her "Saturday Scan". There is a scanned photo of her parents, with such an interesting story.  I read on about her Five Interconnected Thoughts from Friday and her very interesting Thursday post, about her feelings around involvement with the school's Parents' Association.  Stacey, I really liked reading your blog and this post especially struck me, along with the comments left by other readers.

And you know what? I Like you Stacey! I am "different" too. I go to school things and just wish I hadn't... yet I feel I should join in. I do care about the kids, especially the group that I have seen grow up together from the age of four.  It's been great to watch them and I am sad that I see so much less of them all, now they are at Middle School.

But being different is ok. I have other interests and I know who my Real friends are. Some of them are people I have never really met yet, as they are far away over the sea or ocean. I find that location doesn't matter if you are alike in some way.  Since I started scrapping, I have "met" some lovely people far round the world.  And I regularly have a brief chat with a number of folks I follow on Twitter. Now I'm meeting even more people through starting a Blog. 

Sure, these people don't know much about me or my life - nor do I know about them - except what we choose to tell each other. But the connection is there and  it makes us happy. And maybe we all have much more in common than the people who live nearby, but whose lives, thoughts, feelings and values are so very different to our own.

* * *

Deb, of  Debs World commented about the terrible weather.  Well, we did need some rain, but I agree that it's a bit much just now.  It was so windy last night that I was awake til about 1am, listening to bangs and rattles and howling. The rain was lashing down on the skylight and it sounded horrible out there. This morning was grey and dull, but it did seem to be clearing up... until the minute I went out to collect my son from his club - SPLASH! I had to get the little umbrella out of the glove box, just so I dared get out of the car to fetch the big umbrella from the boot!  That kept my head and shoulders dry, but the rain just blew under it and soaked the rest of me right through.  J got pretty wet too on the way back to the car.  I had to change when I got home!  Still, all this changeable weather does stop it being boring. I am just thankful that I'm not in one of the areas that has suffered flooding.  Suddenly, I feel lucky!

* * *

I visited Paperturtle because I liked the name.  I found some great photos that Deb had posted today.  Then I saw the previous post, showing some cute little wooden blocks painted with chalkboard paint, on which she writes a different word each month - take a look, it's a lovely idea!

* * *

There was a lovely smiling photo by someone's comment in the Blog Train. I thought I would drop by and visit, as she looked so friendly. I found Lois's blog, with a great post about a project she is working on (a "Book of Me" thing, and before that a list of her five favourite things (with a post about Chocolate!!!).

* * *

Now I am very tired and think I had better stop.  Besides, J needs to be in bed, so I had better go and see what he's up to (no trouble, I shouldn't think - he's just lovely!).

Goodnight friends, I hope you enjoyed our little journey together. See you again soon.


  1. Aw, bless you :-) I'm really touched! And very pleased to have foudn your blog, too :-)

    PS Once you've tested the banana muffins you must let me know which recipe works best! I am definitely adding chocolate to mine next time round....

  2. Great idea! Your blog is looking good.

  3. Love the idea of the blog safari :)

    Looks as though you are getting there with the wardrobes, I hope you manage to get the doors on soon.

    Your blog is really looking good and like you I am really enjoying Shimelles course :)

  4. What a lovely way to highlight some cool blogs! Love it.


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