Saturday, 21 November 2009

Creative Circle Blog Party!

Welcome All! 

This is the final post of today's Creative Circle Blog Party! I hope you have had fun so far and will enjoy my little Tutorial today.  There's a giveaway for you too - all you have to do is leave me a comment, answering the questions at the end of the post. 

As you may have gathered, if you have not been part of it yourself, the posters at the Blog Party have all been following a course given by the amazing  Shimelle, "Blogging for Scrapbookers", which ended yesterday.  This party is by way of celebration for the fab time we've had doing the course, and the interesting folks we have met along the way.

(If you did not reach this Post via the previous Party Host and would like to join in, go to Rinda's Blog HERE to start the Circle, or find your place again if you are "lost".)

I started my blog as part of this course, so I have never written a Tutorial Post before.  Please bear with me if it isn't quite right, but I'll do my best.   I hope the photos I have posted to illustrate the tutorial will be clear enough for you. 

Create A Circle Mini-Book

This little mini-book can be used for scrapping your Christmas memories. You could use any decorative papers, for any occasion, or even make it with plain or lined paper and use it as a note-book or journal for some special event!  Plain art paper would create an attractive and unusual photo album for a relative's Christmas gift.  You could cut square or oval shaped pages - even different shapes, to make the book personal to you.  The principles are exactly the same and it's very straightforward to do. 

You Will Need:
  • Two 3.5"/9cm circles of thick card, chipboard or thin wood (eg. ply or hardboard), for book covers, with a hole near edge
  • Sheets of thin card
  • Several sheets of your chosen paper or cardstock for pages
  • Paper for Front and Back Covers
  • Paper for Inside Covers
  • A Book Ring or D-Ring, big enough to hold pages and allow them to be turned.
  • Glue - strong pva, spray adhesive, strong glue-stick
  • 3.5"/8.5cm circle punch or die-cutter (I used a Huge-size punch from Woodware); or large scissors, compasses/ruler and card for page template
  • Small hole punch or mini-drill
  • Ribbon(s) to decorate
  • Inks for edging (optional)
  • Paint for covers / edging (optional) 
Step 1

If you are making your covers yourself, do this first. 

I used ready-cut chipboard circles, which came as a chipboard mini-album (mine was by "Kars", but there are many makes available from good scrapbooking suppliers). 

If you are cutting the book pages by hand, the cover can be used as a template.

Punch or cut 8 or 10 circles from thin or medium card.
These circles will support your paper or cardstock pages.

Choose a weight of card that will allow the pages to be stiffish, but not too thick. This will depend on your choice of covering paper/cardstock.

Step 2

Punch twice as many circles from your choice of paper or cardstock.
These circles are your pages. 

You may like to punch part-circles, as shown in the second picture and use them to make patchwork style pages.  This is a good way to get the most out of your sheets of paper, as you can use up edge-pieces or parts that will not allow a whole circle to be punched. The effect can be very attractive too.

Step 3

Cover each side of every card circle with paper, as shown.  As you can see, I used some whole circles and some pieces, to make a varied set of pages.

As you do this, try to plan ahead, so that you have paired each page with the one that will be facing it and the one on the other side. This will help your book to "flow" nicely and look professional.

Step 4

Choose matching or contrasting paper and cut a front and back for each of the book covers.  The pictures above show some ideas.

I chose to have one side plain and one patterned for each cover. 

I then put the patterned-side out for the front cover, with the inside plain; and patterned inside for the back cover, with the plain side outwards - to make the inside of the back cover match the other pages. 

It's your choice how you do this!

 Step 5

Use a contrasting or toning colour of ink to colour the edges of the cover boards. You could also use acrylic paint, chalk (and fixative!), brush-pen or even coloured pencils.

Also ink round the edge of the hole for the book-ring. You don't need to ink right into the hole, as this will not be seen once the book is assembled.

Remember to allow plenty of time for your ink or paint to dry, as it can smudge all over the pages.

If you want to, you can also ink the edge of each page to match or contrast with the cover.

Step 6

Using the cover as a template, draw inside the book-ring hole, to show its position.

Use a punch to make holes in the papers for the front and back covers.

Stick the papers on either side of the cover boards, matching the holes carefully.

A variation on Steps 5 & 6 would be to decorate the book covers with acrylic paint, inks, fabric or collage.

Step 7

For each page of the album, use the cover as a template and mark the place to punch a hole for the book ring. 

Take care to mark the hole in the correct place on each page (in my case the top left edge).  

Check both sides of each page before you mark it and always mark the front side of the page, so you don't end up with holes the wrong way.

Punch each hole in the place you have marked.

Step 8

Arrange pages in order from back to front, with the covers in the correct place. 

Open out the book ring and slide each page into place, starting with the back cover and working forwards.

Close the book ring to fasten the book together.

Step 9

Lastly, cut pieces of matching ribbons to approx 6 ins / 15cm.  Tie these round the book ring in whatever pattern you like, to decorate your finished book.

Pat yourself on the back, for a job well done!

* * *

Thanks for reading my mini-book tutorial.  I hope you have found it useful and will be inspired to make your own Christmas Mini Album.  Perhaps you may like to come back again from time to time.  I hope to post other tutorials, ideas and recipes, along with my general waffle and scrapping news.  You'll be welcome any time!

* * *

Creative Circle Blog Party Giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win the Mini Book shown in the tutorial, please do the following:

1) Leave me a Comment

2) Answer this question in your comment -  during your journey through our Blog Circle, what were the subjects of these items? 
  1. Jacky's Card
  2. Gemma's Photography
  3. Sian's Scrapbook Page

3) Remember to leave me a way to contact you, in case you win!

I will collect all Comments left by 12pm CA time / 8pm GMT Monday 24th November.  The winner will be selected randomly from all who have got the questions right!

Good Luck! 

* * *

Finally, a big Thank You to Rinda, who organised our Creative Circle Blog Party! I hope you have enjoyed it. Why not return to her blog and leave your comments - Rinda's Blog.

And don't forget to enter Rinda's Giveaway on her blog too.

 * * *

A Note for any Local Visitors - Scrapbooking Club News

If you live close to Bedford, you may like to know that the Bromham Scrapbooking Club meet regularly, at the Scout Hut. We are a newish group, small and friendly and we welcome new members. You don't need to be an "expert" or even "experienced" at scrapping. Drop me a note in the Comments (with a contact link!) and I'll give you some more details and dates for our next meetings.

* * *


  1. A great looking mini album and super instructions!

  2. Looks a perfect little album....and your tutorial was great....would never have guessed you'd never done one before.

  3. Fantastic tutorial! All the instructions are there and it's beautifully photographed too. I really enjoyed spending time with you at the party today.

  4. Lizzie, you should do more tutorials - I have not visited everyone yet so I can't answer all of the questions ... thanks for sharing this project.

  5. well done lizzie, a great and simple tutorial, very well explained. loving the clear pictures too. hope you enjoyed making it and looking forward to seeing more of ur minialbums in future blogposts.
    jo xxx

  6. What a lovely project - with great papers!
    1. Red, Green and white Xmas Tilda
    2. The Natural World!
    3. Plot resolutions for 2010.

    Great blog and I hope you have a great day. Hugs CherryXXX

  7. This is fab, Lizzie - very clear instructions :-)

    (As a fellow-host I won't enter your giveaway, but what a lovely idea!)

  8. Hi Lizzie - love your mini album. Your tutorial was right on. So here are the answers:
    1 Jacky - Tilda Christmas Card
    2 Gemma - Photo grid project for photos that don't have a unified theme.
    3 Siam - Her summer garden - she used ruffled burlap around the circle shape because it reminded her of the top of a potato sack.
    You can reach me at (DragonsLady from Shimelle's class.)

  9. What a great little album.
    I can be found via Rinda if by chance I win!

  10. Love that little circle book it is gorgeous
    1) a red, green and white Tilda Christmas card
    2)photos mounted on the wall which you can use for photos that dont go together
    3)a circular lo of her plot and resolutions for 2010 of what to grow

  11. Lizzie,
    Thanks for the tutorial - you did such a phenomenal job on it! I especially love the look of the partially cut circles and that's a new idea to me! I can't wait to give this a try - I'm going to do one for DS' All Star summer, I think.
    Thanks again for joining the blog party!!!

  12. Lovely mini book - I really enjoy making these, so will have a go at yours soon :)

  13. Super dooper instructions, such a lovely mini book too! Thank you
    1. Jacky's gorgeous copic coloured tilda. 2.Photo wall art to create, so cool too! 3. Sian's garden resolutions for next year, the girl learned so much and a fabulous tactile page. A great train ride all round, many thanks

  14. hi lizzie!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm gonna go check out the other blogs now but I really love the turorial so will give it a try probs in the christmas hols! ah time goes so fast! grrr.
    Ahh that must be so annoying. I'm sure they will publish it. It is one of the best feelings in the world to see your work in print. Guess with blogs we are half way there! he he!
    Come and check out the 17 again circle. It's on the 30th November! xxxx

  15. Super cute mini album. I love the technique and the papers you selected!

  16. So very very fun and I'm definitely trying your project, great instructions BTW!
    1. Jacky's Card - Xmas Tilda card in Green, Red, and White
    2. Gemma's Photography - custom wall art with a kewl frame and hers was a Natural World theme. Very kewl technique.
    3. Sian's Scrapbook Page - ruffly (too kute) scrapbook page with their 2010 garden resolution!

  17. Great tut! I'll have to make one of those! Thanks.


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