Monday, 9 November 2009

Tummy Mountain Makes My Day!

wee piggy bank

posted by TummyMountain at - 5 hours ago

Wee Small has been saving up. She now has 11 moneys. She is going to buy a real live pony. Do you think she has enough?
The above is from my favourite blog of all time. Tummy Mountain is the name of the blog, the home and the business of an amazing artist. He paints fab little pictures featuring his family and their surroundings and his blog is filled with little bits of news about them and their wonderful goings-on. An update on Tummy Mountain really makes my day!
Go take a look and see if it doesn't make you smile too! (oh, and don't forget to look at his profile etc too!) 


  1. So funny :-) Thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and I also meant to say - thanks for dropping by my blog :-) Looks like yours is going well, I'm loving Shimelle's course! And The Girl's teacher was very understanding about The Girl's homework....!

  2. Haa, haa - yes, I remember about the Homework! Did Teacher laugh? :-)


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