Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday Stuff

Well, first things first....

Tummy Mountain update - not to be missed!

Now then, once you've received your share of the Tummy Mountain joy, we can get back to Lizzie's World instead... though I'm not sure that Tummy Mountain may not be more interesting. 

* * *

So, today we had our last Bloggers Prompt mail from Shimelle.  She promises extras on Monday though - yay!

I am a little sorry that it is the Last Day of the Course.  On the other hand, I have learned a lot in this 3 weeks and found lots of other interesting people, all with blogs, who I can follow, read along with, comment on and maybe get to know as friends. That's cause for celebration, rather than being sorry.

* * *

Today I have worked hard.  I fetched Sophie, who kindly helps me out with cleaning, as I still have some problems with this.  Then I got down to Work. 

I finished the Special Item I was making, for Saturday morning's Creative Circle Blog Party

Sneak of tomorrow's Tutorial...

It will all start at 9am GMT / 1am CA time on Saturday (that's tomorrow, wow!). 

But don't come to my blog first - go  HERE first, follow all prompts and instructions and you'll find my stuff eventually. 

It'll be worth it, really it will. I think we're in for some Fun tomorrow.  There are other bloggy things going on too, in the afternoon, so you could find plenty of nice distractions for a busy Saturday!

* * *

Some time soon, I will blog about Shimelle's prompt for today, but I am tired and woolly of brain, so you wouldn't get much sense out of me if I tried to think it all out this evening!

G'night All Friends. See you tomorrow morning!

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  1. I've loved this class....and learned so well as been introduced to so many new blogs.


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