Monday, 2 November 2009

My First Blog Post!

Okay, so for many people, a blog is something they have "always" had. I am not one of those many!

This is not my first attempt at a blog - I did have one on a certain US market site, but they did not accept sellers / buyers from outside USA (could not process their money). I soon stopped blogging there, as there was really no point... I have "been meaning to" have a "real blog" for a long while, but never got round to it - the age-old story! 

Shimelle was offering this "Blogging for Scrapbookers" course - it seemed an opportunity I must not miss.  After all, the New (academic) Year began in September and I made a New Year's Resolution to make the most of opportunities. 

I started this by following up a request for submissions to a certain popular scrapbooking magazine.  Worked my fingers off all afternoon and evening, for a midnight deadline (photo in the mailbox by midnight). Produced the layout, took the photos in the kitchen at 9:30pm and posted them off to the mailbox.  Result! I was asked to send in the layout for publication and was offered a small fee for my trouble.  One tiny step closer to my ambition to be on a magazine or website design team!  Publication is not due just yet and I can't post a picture here until afterwards - sorry people!

So, you see, I had to sign up for this course!! I had already signed up for "Learn Something New Every Day", which ran throughout September.  Have to admit that I didn't finish all the pages of my book... September was rather a nightmare, with just about everything conspiring to rob me of my spare time. However, I did learn stuff and I have all the prompts - nothing to stop me finishing the book later, or just starting over on another month! 

What a lot of waffle... I am not used to this Blogging stuff. I don't even know if I have anything interesting to say. I suppose we all find our own thoughts more or less interesting... no-one is boring all the time and some people have the knack for not only being not-boring, but even being interesting!  I don't know whereabouts I would fall on the boring vs interesting line, but I will try. 

This is just a sort of "thought-splurge".  I will try to make my future blogs "about something", in the hopes that they will have something to interest others.    

Signing off from my First Blog Post,



  1. Thank you Sue, it's nice to have a vote of confidence! Come back soon. x


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