Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Busy In the Garden!

We've all been busy here over the last week - lots going on. 

DS went back to school last Wednesday - or rather, he went to school, but not "back", since he started at his new Upper School.  When I get organised and catch him a) awake and b) still in uniform, I'll take a photo!

Then at the weekend, D and J were very busy in the garden:
A couple of weeks ago, DH and my niece's husband set up this garden arch, which we had bought (as our "Anniversary Present"). 
There used to be a shrub in that gap, but it got ideas above its station and made a bid to take over the border, so it had to come out - leaving a big space, just right for an arch. 

The archway looked a bit bare and we planned a path through it, to the play area on the other side, plus plants climbing up its sides and over the top. 
We bought some round, flat stones, to lay across the lawn and through the archway.  On Saturday morning, Mr LizzieMade and J. started planning the path.

Several ideas were tried, until we found something we all liked.
Mr LizzieMade removed the turf and dug out the holes for the stones...
He worked very hard to lay the stepping stones...
...under strict supervision, of course.
By mid-afternoon, he had laid the stones and started to dig out the large rectangle for the path under the arch.  It started raining - I think he was probably relieved to have a rest!

 Meanwhile, J worked hard to measure out the area of the path and plan the layout...
The edges were defined with cobble stones and the gaps filled with pebbles...
... of course, J. needed supervision also.

So, by the end of Saturday, we had a great little stepping-stone path across the grass and a Plan for under the archway.

On Sunday, I went out for the day, to Scrap Club.

This is what it looked like when I left...
...and this is what I saw when I got home at 4pm!

I think it's great! Well done to D. and J. for a job really well done!

Of course, they had a lot of help...


  1. It'll look even nicer next year with flowers growing over it. What are you planning to plant?

  2. Now there's a day's hard work! Great results though ... Are you thinking of roses, clematis or something else entirely?

  3. Looks great! Love the last picture, too cute :)

  4. Ooh, yes, they did a great job Lizzie ... Mr LizzieMade is so very handy! Of course, none of this happenns without the strictest superivsor .. so glad a furry one was on hand!

  5. What a grand job they did!...and it WILL look great next year with the plants growing up it!
    Alison xx

  6. What a great job they made of it too:)Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a link to the other half of your interesting post xx

  7. oooh, this looks so gorgeous Lizzie! How luck you are that both your lads help out! I love stepping stones. Good thing the cat was on hand to supervise while you (quite rightly) went for a scrappy day out!!). x

  8. lovely job! they couldn't have done it without all that expert supervision though! ;)


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