Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fun on Fursday 6 - the Scrap-page Version

What with summer holidays, bookbinding projects etc, I've neglected my "regular" Fun On Fursday slot... In fact, it's been about three months since I posted anything...

So, as the news from the Turtle pool has been rather dreadful the last few days (but an improvement at last report) and as we could all do with smiling a little, here's a scrapbook page I made on Sunday, just for fun, because I loved those photos:

This was at my little Great-Niece's Christening Day party, back in March.  All the kids had a go on the bouncy castle - even the babies (under supervision!).  Little E. was two-and-a-half, but she's so brave; she was up there with the other little kids, bouncing for all she was worth.  J and his cousins had a great time too, doing flips, rolling around, bouncing as high as they could etc. They just had the best time and it makes me smile to look at this photos.

Supplies: Pale blue cardstock is Bazzill Basics, stripey paper by Cosmo Cricket, blue-grey matting paper by My Minds Eye (BellaBella range), fun stickers by Me & My Big Ideas (from that fab Counterfeit Challenge Kit I won in Susanne's blog prize-draw), red & black newsprint letter stickers by Jenni Bowlin, orange letter stickers by Sassafrass, handwriting by me! 

A quick and simple page, but it makes me smile and I hope it will bring you a smile too!

Oh, and speaking of Deb Turtle and things that make me smile... This post was about an event that definitely made me smile a lot!  And it was all thanks to our lovely Deb!


  1. such fun and I love how you used the cartoon people on the LO

    Wish they had adult bouncy castles more often

  2. Our two love bouncy castles too ... so does The Engineer .. not that he can get on them all that often!

  3. Lots of good memories of my kids and bouncies. Always fun trying to get them OFF - lol! Lovely pages, they make me smile! xo Pam

  4. Love that you're so clearly thinking of Deb today. And I too loved jumping - bouncy castle and then trampolines. Sometimes, these days, dancing to loud music gives me the same feeling.

  5. These little cartoon people are just perfect for your happy page!

  6. Love the little stick children! Great page
    Alison xx


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