Monday, 23 May 2011

Happy Mail from National Scrapbooking Day

I really must post about this, before I forget - which would be so rude of me! 

On Friday, while I was busy and busy, getting ready for the Sock Monkeys Workshop Day - of which, more will follow - the postman brought me a package:

Um, don't mind the brown rolly one, it's paper supplies... it's the Big White Box you should be looking at!!

I had forgotten about this.  It's just been so manic round here and my blogging sessions have been short and infrequent.  I forgot that I had dropped in to see how Susanne was getting on, over at Snaps and Snippets.  She has been taking part in one of the Counterfeit Kit challenges and had made herself a fab little kit, all colours and cheeriness - and, in honour of National Scrapbooking Day, she was offering another made-up kit, to a reader who left a comment for her. 

So, I duly commented - it was a great kit and I loved it - then forgot about it.
Then found I had won the Kit - yippeee!! 

Then I forgot about it again, buried under a pile of Books and Monkeys, notes and plans.

So when the post came on Friday and I saw the name of the sender on the Mysterious Parcel from USA, I thought "I know that name....", but couldn't think what was inside.

So nicely packed....

How Exciting - how could I have forgotten?
With a lovely hand-made card...
...with such a friendly message!
A great selection of colourful papers...
....some sets of alpha stickers...
...chipboard stickers and some little edging bits...
...a lovely collection of brads, buttons and chipboard bits...
...this cute sticker-sheet...
...a second cute sticker sheet...
...ribbons and trims...
... journalling cards and little envelopes...

... Wow!

So much lovely Treasure!  I felt like the most spoiled person in England!  What a lovely gift and fancy sending it all the way to UK (postage isn't cheap and paper goods are heavy!). 

So, Susanne, I just want to say that I really appreciate your kindness.  I love the Kit and will do my best to make time for some scrapping very soon. 

After all, it's the least I can do, after receiving such a lovely present.

Thank You Susanne!


  1. What great mail,Lizzie....the kit looks wonderful.

  2. ah happy mail is the best. i got happy mail too, i wonder who from xxxxx

  3. It's a gorgeous kit! You lucky thing.

  4. You are most certainly welcome, Lizzie. If I don't get my derriere in gear, you'll have used up your kit before I use up mine - and I've had a 3 week head-start!

  5. Lucky girl! That is an amazing collection of goodies.

  6. Beautiful stuff! Double pleasure - receiving and then using it!


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