Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fun on Fursday 4

Well I took the sample books to the shop today.  The lady was very enthusiastic and gave me a shelf of my own, in the glass display cabinet, where the books are now arranged on a piece of black velvet (!).  They all look very nice. Her colleague is going to make nice labels for them, to say what they are and also a label with the course details.  Who knows, I may even get some students!  The brochure for the summer courses is at the printers and due in the shop any day, so they are ready to sign people up (she seemed to think they'll have sign-ups completed in June... )  Exciting!

So, yesterday afternoon, this is what was on my Workdesk:

A box of socks...
...which made quite a mess on my desk!  This is my Sock Stash, which I am using to make samples etc for my Sock Monkey course.
Another boxful on the floor - this is the "after sorting out" picture.  These socks belong to the students.

So yesterday afternoon and also this afternoon, I have been Making Monkeys.  Pictures to follow, as they are "in progress" and I don't want to spoil the surprise. There are two just now, maybe three by tomorrow afternoon...if I have time!

Also today, the postie brought this:
My paper order! 
Five sheets of my Favourite Paper - and my customers' favourite too.  More books can be made!
I ordered these two papers too, to see if they would appeal to anyone.  I've added them to my Facebook album full of Paper Choices!  I like the red birds & birdcages one - I may have a use for this very soon! 
All these papers are made by a company called Cavallini.  The quality is wonderful and they have a fine, slightly ribbed texture, which makes them very nice to handle. 

I also ordered this!   I thought I would put it on the wall of my studio, so I can see where many of my Blog Friends live - and also where my books are going to  (those that go to the USA of course).  I will see if I can find a World Map also.  Such fun!

And I looked out of my Studio window this evening - this is what I saw:
Floating right by my house!!

Finally, something I've been saving for today - a favourite "Cheezburger" picture -
Made me smile... it's so true.

Happy Thursday, everyone! 


  1. Lizzie, I like the red bird paper too - well, they are all lovely!

    I am not surprised those books went straight to the glass display cabinet, I think you will get some students with them on display this way :-)

  2. Hoping you get lots of students - and how exciting to see your lovely things on display! That photo and caption really made me smile.:)

  3. Oh your papers are lovely, Lizzie! Love the US map and the vidid colors in it. And the cat picture made me smile.

    Another thing that made me smile this week was receiving the lovely puzzle piece you created for me. SO PRETTY! Thank you, Lizzie! I appreciate it so much. xo

  4. Lizzie, I love the red bird paper...hope you get lots of students and TFS the cat pic....made me smile!
    Alison xx

  5. Congratulations, I hope you get terrific business from the shop! I think I may duplicate you map, what a fun and motivational idea.

  6. Wow you have been very busy. I really love that bird paper - and the butterfly one.Your books on velvet display sounds wonderful :-)


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