Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wednesday Worktable 11th May

This is what I have been working on recently.  It does look very like two other recent projects; this paper has proved immensely popular and I have had several requests for Custom books, with this "Birds and Butterflies" paper on the covers.  There's yet another one, still on my Commissions List!
A Wedding Album, with "Birds and Butterflies" paper on front and back covers. 

Hinged cover, bound in Japanese stab-stitch, with red waxed linen thread. 

The book contains 15 hand-torn pages of heavy-weight Fabriano paper, with hand-torn page spacers, to allow it to be used for both photographs and writing. 

The covers are lined with chocolate brown Murano art paper.

This is the back cover.

There will be a book-plate, on the first page, with a hand-cut lino print of a Wedding Rings design, plus the bride and groom's names and wedding date.  I'm still working on the design of this book-plate and have sent some ideas to the customer, for her comment/approval. 

The book should be completed very soon, once we have sorted out the book-plate.  Then, it will be off to its new home, thousands of miles across the Ocean, to Australia!

Also, waiting to be wrapped and packed up, then on its way to the USA in the morning:
"Funky Nonsense" 6"x6" mini scrapbook.
This little scrap-book, which has fabulous patterned cardstock pages, on a concertina-folded spine.
 The buyer of this little book wants to use it for her engagement photos - I love this idea!

I made a tutorial about these albums, some while back. Find it here


  1. The top book is really one of my favourites - of all time I would have to say - the paper is really beautiful.

    Lizzie, I giggled at your comment over at my place today/yesterday, the first question I asked of the installers was if the sink hole was pre-cut and I thought of you as they were putting it into place!

  2. Morning Lizzie, well I'm not surprised that paper is so popular, its gorgeous! Yay, for more custom books. The little scrapbook is adorable too, I must check out your tutorial (especially as I have enough paper to cover the entire house!). Thanks so much for sharing. Sue x

  3. Wow - that's one rocking engagement photo album!

  4. I know I've said it before, but I'm still blown away by the idea that , because of the interent, your beautiful books are being discovered and sought out all over the world!

  5. Gorgeous! I love how you bind your books...what a beautiful talent you have and it's getting noticed!! Congrats! :)

  6. Thanks, All! I so enjoy making my books; I'm trying to be more efficient and fast, but sometimes you just have to take time over stuff... I love that other people like my work and the idea of my books being scattered over the world is certainly very appealing!

  7. Love these books! The first one is just drop dead gorgeous. I hope the buyer of the second book shares the finished product after the engagement photos are in. How exciting!

    I also wanted to say thank you for the book recommendations. We will definitely be checking them out!

  8. I'm sure I left a comment previously Lizzie, seems blogger is playing up! Love that birdie paper so much, and the little album is gorgeous. I did bookmark your tutorial and will be having a go myself, thank you! Have a lovely weekend! Sue x

  9. Oh wow, I love the scrapbook! Great books Lizzie, you are so very clever :)


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