Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In the Post Today

I have been working on a number of books recently, both for stock and commission items.  Today I gift-wrapped and packaged these three books, for the postman to deliver to three lovely ladies in USA!

"Butterfly Garden" Wedding Guest book, for Victoria. 

This is 9.25" x 6.5" and has 30 pages of nice cartridge paper, for guests to write their good wishes.  It has a Japanese-style stab-stitch binding, in red linen thread.

The covers are lined in strawberry-coloured art paper.
Inside there is a book-plate with the names of the bride and groom, plus their wedding date.

"Damask and Silk" Wedding Guest Album, for Kristina.

This book is 10.5" x 8.25", covered in ivory damask-effect embossed paper, with a purple silk edging.  It contains 20 pages (40 sides) of medium/heavy 280gsm Fabriano paper, which is slightly textured.  The binding is a Coptic stitch, with 12 ivory linen threads.  I made a pattern on the cover, with the centre stitches longer than the next pair and the outside stitches the shortest, to give a "stepped" effect. I think it looks very good!

Kristina asked for a design of starfishes to be put on the front of the book, along with the names of bride and groom.

I made a special lino-cut stamp for her and stamped these two starfish, in the colours of her choice.  They are printed on the same Fabriano paper as inside the book.  The name-plate is also printed onto Fabriano paper and both prints are mounted on silk pieces, to match the cover edgings. 

I really hope they will be pleased with their book!

Buddhist Themed Sketchbook, for Holly

I was asked, by Holly, to create a sketchbook on a Buddhist theme.  We talked about various colours and symbolic ideas and chose the saffron and deep red colours worn by Tibetan buddhist monks, with a string of tiny prayer flags, plus a lotus flower. 

The book is covered with saffron coloured Lokta paper, with deep red silk edging.  It is bound with a Coptic stitch, sewn with six threads of golden yellow linen, with an orange tassel embellishment.  The prayer flags are made from small pieces of mulberry paper, in the five prayer-flag colours, attached to natural-coloured cotton.  The lotus flower is mounted on matching red silk.  There are 80 pages (160 sides) of off-white Daler-Rowney 65lb sketch paper.  The coptic binding means the book will open flat all the way through - handy when you're sitting sketching!

I was quite excited about this book and it's been real fun to work with this customer, who had definite ideas about what she wanted, but was also interested to hear my ideas/input too.  The finished book is definitely a collaborative effort, combining both our ideas.  I'm so happy with it - I hope she will be too!

So the postman will be busy these next few days.  I hope he takes good care of my hard work and delivers these undamaged and in good time!


  1. Gorgeous books; the last one is so vibrant!

  2. Those are absolutely stunning!

  3. They're all fabulous!!! What a great job you do working with your clients to create just the right book.

  4. Oh these are gorgeous Lizzie, you are so talented! I do hope the postie takes good care of them! x

  5. very beautiful books, i'm sure your customers will be very satisfied! My fave is the first because I just adore the patterns on the cover, it's so divine! x

  6. all so beautifully crafted you have a real talent there,

  7. I love the Butterfly Garden book.

  8. Thank you everyone, for more kind comments about my work. I do enjoy making these books and get quite excited when one (or three!) is finished, packaged up and being sent off into the Big Wide World!

    I'm trying to read lots of blogs this week - hope I will get round to yours.

    Shoshonee, I tried to visit your blog, but it's not public yet, so please consider this note in lieu of a visit/comment to you!

  9. Gorgeous books Lizzie, I like the bright orange one :)

  10. Beautiful books Lizzie - I love the cream and purple one.

  11. Well done Lizzie, it is so lovely to see you sending commissions out far and wide, these are all beautiful and they will be treasured by their recipients :-)

  12. Oh Lizzie, I've been itching to catch up on blog land...and what a lovely surprise to see this beautiful creation. Having looked at prayer flags for the last 2 months I can tell you you have got them just right they look really good. Lovely colour book...good work. {*}

  13. Your work is always so beautiful, Lizzie, but I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing how you did the covers on these latest creations! I love the Victorian one, but my favorite embellishment is the bunting on that last book. Simply wonderful!

  14. gorgeous. I know the customers will love them

  15. gorgeous. I know the customers will love them

  16. Lizzie, you are so talented ...the books are beautiful- your customers will be thrilled!
    Alison xx

  17. You do such beautiful work Lizzie. I'm sure the recipients willl be absolutely thrilled with their books xx

  18. You're doing such unique things these days, Lizzie! Very inspiring! :)


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