Friday, 29 April 2011

Team Teal - It's What We Do

This is a Special Blog Post.

For a Special Lady.

Her name is Marti, she's the lovely mom of Deb, one of my Blogging Friends.  She also has cancer and is fighting hard to beat it. 

Today is a Special Day for Marti, because it's her birthday - and we all like to celebrate a birthday!

So first of all,

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

Happy Birthday Marti!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May you have a lovely day - and many more!

Shortly after Marti's cancer was diagnosed, Deb asked her friends to join her in a gesture of support for her mom and family.  She sent out a small bracelet/wristband to those who wanted to join in, with a request that we would wear it in support of Marti.  We also agreed to join with her in celebrating Marti's birthday, so she would have a circle of good wishes, prayers and support, from all over the world. 

This is my wristband.  I will be wearing it today, with pride, in honour of Marti's special day, and to show I am thinking of her, praying for her and wishing her and her family all the good thoughts and wishes that are held in the special words on the bracelet.

* * *
The bracelet says:


* * *

Marti, I wish these things to you, today and always - and to Deb, Ron, Carrie, Doug and the rest of your lovely family.  May you feel the love and support that surrounds you and find encouragement and strength to handle whatever may come.

I am proud to be included in the celebration of your birthday, along with all the other friends - especially those wonderful ladies that I  - and Deb - have come to know through our Blogs.  We may live so many miles apart; we may have different lives, with different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and values.  But even so, and although most of us have never met in real life,  we all share the common values of friendship - interest in each other's lives and problems, trust, kindness, caring,  concern and love.   We have come to know one another fairly well and we are glad to offer support and friendship, whether life is going well, or whether it is not.

We are Friends and that is what we do.

Happy Birthday to you, Marti - from All your Friends!


  1. beautiful post for Team Teal Lizzie!

  2. Beautiful post Lizzie! I love the bracelet on the keyboard. YOu did a great job capturing the bond of team teal.

  3. Lizzie ~ Thank you so very much for your beautiful post and words. I love this! And I really love that you photographed your band this morning, with my teal post in the background. :o) And it's so funny that you tied that ribbon onto it because I had the same idea originally when I mailed the bands out. Kindred spirits we are, and common crafters.

    Thanks again, Lizzie! It means the world to us. xo

  4. A lovely post, Team Teal is certainly celebrating today!

  5. a beautiful heartfelt post lizzie. i love the wording on the wristband and ur ribbon,
    Jo xxx

  6. We are friends and this is what we do :)

  7. eloquently and beautifully written xxx

  8. A beautiful post full of what it truly means to be kindred spirits x

  9. I love this post Lizzie. The photograph is genious and embodies the feelings behind Team Teal

  10. Yes, I can only echo the sentiments of a gathered Team Teal - a great post Lizzie! :-)

  11. If this is what you do, then I definitely want you in my corner! Thank you so much for such a moving post and for making my eyes run like faucets once again! And thanks for your support of Team Teal! xo

  12. Beautiful post Lizzie and a great picture to complement it :)

  13. What a great post - I even got a shoutout! :) I love how you photographed your bracelet in front of your computer screen! :)


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