Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fun on Fursday 2

It's Fursday again! Sorry, let's try again - Thursday again.  Hummmm...

Anyway, I said I was trying to start a regular "thing" called "Fun on Fursday".  Yesterday's post could have been today's, as it was rather fun... but then, I posted it yesterday because I wanted to smile at it... so it couldn't be today's post as well, could it? 

I thought of leaving this post til tomorrow, since I've been rather busy nursing a poorly mum today (on the mend thanks!).  But then, it wouldn't have been "Fun on Fursday", but "Fursday's Fun on Friday", which doesn't quite have the same ring about it. And of course, if you're Amy, it will definitely be On Friday anyway, since it's now mid-morning in Australia. Still...

Fun on Fursday

Today's "Fun" is another Link


Because I have been told it's naughty to copy other people's blogs without asking. 

Because this is my Very Favourite Blog

Because there have been two new posts recently, after a long absence, which makes me smile.

Because Everyone Needs to Know about Tummy Mountain.

Because Everyone Needs to Know about Tummy Mountain Recipes too.

When you've finished marvelling at the culinary skills of the Little Ones, why not click the "Home" tab and read some posts too?  You won't be sorry.

I hope you think this is Fun.  Happy Fursday (sorry, Thursday)!


  1. 8.22am to be precise Lizzie!

    Thanks for the link :-) I hope your Mum continues to improve.

  2. So we're 10 hours behind you... thought it was more... duh...

    Off to mum's now, to make her breakfast (it's 8:45am here now!).

  3. loving tummy mountain, so cute,
    Love Jo xxxx

  4. What a great blog link - love love love it.

    Hope your Mom is getting better x

  5. That's so funny! I very nearly posted a link to Tummy Mountain yesterday myself :-)

    I'm glad your Mum's on the mend, I hope that continues xx

  6. Too cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice to have the link :). How's Mum? Hope she's better ...

  8. Hope your mum is ok Lizzie? Great post today :)


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