Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Sunday in Pictures (better late than never!)

We had a lovely Easter and the family came over for lunch and tea on Easter Sunday.  It was very busy and I was soooo tired afterwards. But I'm fine now and snatching a few minutes from book-binding, to post some photos of our day.

DH snatches a quick drink in the kitchen after lunch...
J. with the railway he kindly built, in a shady corner, for the amusement of our little guests...
Our tiniest guest snoozes in the shade of the big umbrella - one month old now
DC entertains the tiny people on the trampoline
Two-year-olds are made of rubber...
Relaxing in the garden...
Chatting in the kitchen...
admiring the baby...

The proud new mummy
The little ones together...
Family portrait!

It was good to get everyone together. We haven't managed that for some time, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  I must print a copy of this photo for Grandma (Great-Grandma now!) - she'll be so pleased.


  1. Wasn't he weather perfect,Lizzie? It looks like you had a lovely family get together....and some great photos taken.

  2. i have been waiting on this post as i was desperate to see how the family portrait came out. Its lovely.
    thank you for such a perfect day aunty. love you so so much xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time Lizzie...we had a weather-swap at the weekend, but our sun is back now!
    Alison xx

  4. I love brio trains. . . miss those days definitely.

  5. what a lovely family occassion. mine went well to but no pictures really. unfortunately the labyrinthitis hit again sunday evening............yucky,
    Jo xxx
    ps it was from too much cleaning im sure, ;))

  6. Lovely photos of your happy family Sunday :) We all went to my Mum's and managed a family group photo - the first one for 2 years as we were all together with no one away at uni or on duty with the Met! Glad you all had such a happy time.

  7. Yes, it's lovely to get everyone together - and great to get a family photo. My MIL might be here next weekend, so we'll have to try and get a picture with all four of us in - just for once!

  8. great pics of what looks to have been a great day, the snshine really helps!

  9. Looks like you had a lovely Easter gathering.

  10. Happy Belated Easter greetings Lizzie. Looks like you had a wonderful day; oh I love your garden with the bunting, adorable! And your kitchen seems to be the same colour as ours at the apartment. Love the family shot too; precious!

  11. Looks like a perfect day! We always bring our collection of Thomas trains out for our tiny guests too - it's hard to say who actually gets the most fun from them!

  12. Adam would have gone mad over that train set, he has to put up with the 'basic' builds from mummy! :)

  13. Ah, Rachel, that's only about half of the boxful! We started out with a really fab set from a catalogue (not "real Brio"!), then J. was given bits here & there, of Brio, ELC railway stuff etc. He has a pretty good collection now, including engine sheds, various types of track-splitters, bridges, pillars and "hilly" track, a mountain (with a mountain-shelf for rail track to run round it)... and quite a few engines and trucks/carriages too, including some Thomas the Tank Engine character engines. He still enjoys playing with it all when we bring it out for little visitors (in fact, so do I!).


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