Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday Worktable 18th May

Wow, I'm impressed... I have managed to keep this Wednesday Worktable thing going for 5 weeks now!  I think it may be becoming a habit!

So, what was on my desk today?

First Thing this Morning:
In the middle of my messy desk, was my binding board, with this book on it.  This is another Coptic-stitch binding, with 10 threads in 2 colours.  It is almost identical to the peachy-coloured Birds and Flowers book I showed on yesterday's post.  When it is completed it will look like this:

Birds and Flowers, Coptic-bound book.

I love this paper; the photos I've taken never seem to really show it off properly - it is much prettier in real life.  I have sold several books covered with this paper and hope the new one will sell quickly (once I finally finish it!).

I removed the binding board from my desk and put it to one side; today I didn't have time for that book. 

This is what I did this morning:

A second London-themed Sketchbook...

Pair of London Sketchbooks, with fabric covers, Japanese stab-stitch binding in black linen, leather strip and button fastenings in two different styles.

This is my "London" set of books!

Together with the "Autumn" set of two notebooks and a mini-album, these will be taken to the shop tomorrow, where I am teaching a bookbinding workshop in July. 

They will be on display, to encourage people to sign up for the workshop - which is making books with fabric covers. 

I'm excited! 

Later I'll post about what I did in the afternoon... :-))


  1. ooh lovely books. especially going for the london designs. wish u could teach a class here,
    jo xxx

  2. your new books are lovely aunty. i miss you lots and lots x

  3. those London pages are awesome! I love to see your 'works in progress'

  4. Lovely books Lizzie, I really enjoy looking on your blog to see what your latest project is.

  5. I LOVE these London books Lizzie!
    Alison xx

  6. I am with the majority - the London books are fantastic Lizzie, they are so appealing colour and design wise :-)

  7. Well, it looks as if I ought to make more London books and offer them for sale!!
    Thanks everyone, for being so encouraging. I am pleased with the books myself and hope very much they will encourage some people to sign up for my Book-binding Workshop day in July!

  8. Wow - your books are beautiful! I love the one with the telephone booth on it. :) Have fun at your book-binding class, and your sock monkey class! Happy Collapsing Day to you! xoxox Pam

  9. Best of luck with the sign ups Lizzie! Those samples are sure to tempt

  10. I LOVE your London themed sketchbooks! I agree - I think you should open an Etsy shop so that I can order one! ;)

  11. I love these London books!! I "ooh"ed out loud!!


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