Friday, 4 March 2011

Hugs and Hershey's

Oh the excitement!  There I was, about to sit down to my lunch today, when the doorbell rang.  Who could that be?  The postlady... with this:

A Small White Box... from U.S.A.

It had the sender's name on the other side, a certain nice blog friend... What could be inside?

Yummy! Sweeties! And American Sweeties at that.  We don't have these here (or not in my little provincial County Town anyway). 

Also This - she even remembered my response to a post with a recipe for Cornbread, where I said I'd often wondered what it was like and would like to try some.  My very own Cornmeal; and a beautifully written recipe so I can try it for myself. 

How Exciting!! So beautifully packaged too, with ribbons and pretty labels.  How lucky am I? 

I had to have a Tasting Session:

Oooh... quite sharp and rather Hot flavoured! Wasn't expecting that - I thought they were Sweeties... but actually they're quite nice, once you get over the shock. 

Six different wrappers... I wonder if there are six different kinds? 

This one was white chocolate and very creamy - nom, nom, nom... sticky...

And these are very sweet, slightly rough in texture and you have to suck them lots!  Nice...

So, resisting the temptation to scoff the lot all at once, I put the packets back together, so I could show them to DS when he comes in from school.  No doubt, he'll be willing to sample some himself.  I wonder what he will think of these?

And I must say a huge Thank You to Deb

Thank you Deb, you really do Rock!


  1. She certainly does :)

    I love that picture of your sampling - there wasn't any root beer flavour in there, was there? It's another weird but nice when you get used to it one!

  2. :o) Oh, this makes me happy!!! And I see that I am forgiven for being LATE with the Valentine package. LOL

    I LOVE that you photographed yourself trying each of your sweets. SO cute! Thanks for this post, Lizzie. It's adorable, and so are you. Enjoy the rest of your treats, and I'm excited to hear how you like the cornbread!

  3. So glad you liked your package! I love seeing the pics of you trying everything, too! :)

  4. oh aunty, your face pictures made me laugh :)

  5. This is the cutest post--love your reactions to the different candies! Enjoy your cornbread!

    Marti - Mom to Deb@PaperTurtle

  6. oh those cinnamon hearts! Often mistaken for cherry by small children who then wail at the taste! :)

  7. And the Whole Turtle Family have left me a comment - Deb Turtle, Carrie Turtle and Mom Turtle too... how cool is that?

    I am so glad you like my post guys. I'm obviously better at funny faces than I am at hanging shelves lol!

    And how could I mind a late Valentine package, when it was a surprise and filled with yummy treats?

    Thanks Deb, you're a real star. I'll take photos when I make my cornbread!

  8. Deb puts together the sweetest happy mail :-) I hope you're feeling better about your craft space Lizzie, I was sorry to read your previous post - hope the candy helped xx (And I adore the photos too!)

  9. Oh I am so glad I took the time to catch up on my Google Reader today, what a fun post Lizzie! And what a super sweet package from Deb!

  10. What a great package. The self-portrait with the cinnamons are fabulous!

  11. Oa, Deb is such a sweetie! Great photos of the taste testing!


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