Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Few of My Favourite Posts!

Today I thought I'd join in with the new Blogging For Scrapbookers prompt.  I've been working hard on the course notes, for the Sock-Pet making workshop I'm teaching on Saturday, but my niece is in the hospital, having her baby (slow going but all ok), I've been up since very early because DS has gone on a school trip today (7:30am at the school... yawn...) and I have the fidgets; I need to Do Something Nice!!! So I'm writing a blog post - yeah!

Shimelle invited us to post about some Favourite Things.  I thought about the notes she wrote and decided to do something slightly different, but which I hope is still in the "spirit of BFS"!

The list below is all links to posts on My Blog.  However, almost all of these reference other Blogs and/or other places on the Web, where you can go and see all sorts of interesting things, read other fab blog posts, meet other bloggers or artists... They hop around all over the place, from very recent posts, to some I posted at the start of my blog (November 2009, on BFS!).  My 100th post is featured there somewhere too (the Sock Pets one).

So why not start with the one that you fancy and have a read or two?  Some of the posts are quite long, I will warn you - so maybe you'll come back another time, if you don't have time for all those you would like to look at?

I don't expect you to read all of these and I won't be offended if you don't read any at all - I chose these because they are among my own Favourite Posts and all include some of my own Favourite Things, in whatever form!

Lizzie's Favourite LizzieMade Blog Post List

More Books (I love books - well, I make them so I must love them!)

And Something for Dessert...

Pirates and Treasure!

and Last Year's Day 3 BFS Post about Favourite Things!

And of course, another way to find out about my Favourites, is to look in the sidebars of my Blog.  There's a list of some of my favourite blogs from the original BFS (but which probably needs updating now!) - that's on the left.  On the right are lists of Clever Things I've found on other blogs, also Recipes I think others might like, from my blog and other people's. 

Have fun!


  1. How lovely to re-read some old favourites :-)

  2. Lovely post,Lizzie! I also checked your side bar and found thr tutorial for handcut thank you notes. Ah, gorgeous! TFS!

  3. Love your take on today's prompt.

  4. GENIUS ... using tags or a tag punch to make "house" bunting ... I love that idea

  5. thanks Lizzie never noticed the tutorials in yourside bar before so off to study all the lnks xxx

  6. Such a clever idea to put the links to recipes etc in the side bar, I'm always seeing something I fancy trying and then forgetting where I found it! Thanks for taking us back in time through your posts!

  7. I like the sock pet - though that soft pink sock looked so lovely I'd have found it hard not to wear! What did you do with the other one?

  8. Hello Lizzie
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving useful comments. It's a lovely idea to leave a list of your favourite posts. I've enjoyed dipping in & will revisit.
    By the way... love the bunting. I'm busy making some at the moment!

  9. I bet it was nice too for you, to go back though older posts :)

  10. Hi All commenters - thanks for the nice things you all said; I'm glad you have enjoyed my post - it was a bit of a personal indulgence really, but if it's been fun for others too, that's a bonus!

    To the New Readers/ Commenters, welcome! To my Old Friends - still welcome!

    Thank you, Lynmcf - I had fun making the House bunting! Inspiration in part from Rinda!

    Yes, Sandie, I did enjoy it very much - spent far too much time "indulging" myself this afternoon...

    Alexa, you'd have had a job wearing those pink socks - they were infant socks and about a size 3 Infants... As for the other one of the pair -I made another bunny, of course! - See?

  11. What a fun idea! I especially love the sock pets! of these days I am going to have to do more sewing! Thanks for the great inspiration!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog too..Your comments were so sweet!

  12. Lizzie this is a great idea and it is really fun to look back at some of these posts - thanks! :-)

  13. Lizzie, I always love your blog and now I can have a mooch back at things I might have missed. Lovely. xxx

  14. You can always go back to see what you missed, Sue -there's an archive and you can also access posts by Tags - see the list in my L/H sidebar!
    Glad you like my blog - it's mutual!

  15. What a great way to remind each of of about some of the awesome features on your blog. Well done, Lizzie! xo

  16. Nice post. I'm enjoying revisiting BFS too, but jumped in a little late.

  17. What a great idea, it is so nice to look back and have another read :)


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