Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recording the Disaster

So the shelves fell down, all was chaos, the chaos began to assume some semblance of order...

Somewhere in amongst all that mess, I found my missing scrap-mojo!  Last Sunday I made two pages and last night I made the third page, that had been planned for the Sunday crop (I ran out of time - always happens).

My page to record the Event!

I just had to call it this...

The big photo lifts up, to reveal two little pictures beneath...

... and under that mini-book, there is a great space, where I will attach the story of my Disaster, when I have typed it out and printed it (still thinking how best to do this - paper, font etc).

I deliberately kept the design simple, having only the one large photo on the front and keeping the journalling out of sight too.  I wanted the layout to have impact, so the strong black ribbed cardstock and striped Basic Grey scrap paper were ideal.  The grey-blue patterned paper is just great with these other two papers - so glad I still had some of it left.

Another page to cover some of the scary holes on the wall above my desk!

Oh, and I finished the new Wedding Guest Book for my shop:

A Wedding Guest Album, with 40 pages of white cartridge paper; covers in Birds and Flowers design paper, with peach lined covers and peach art paper section wraps.  10-needle Coptic Binding, in Ivory and Dark Moss Green hand-waxed linen thread.

Progress is being made! I'm off to start the next Book!


  1. Very pretty album, but your "disaster" looked painful. Kudos to you for keeping it all positive:)

  2. It's good to see you getting that layout done while it was all fresh in your mind. Scary stuff! And I have to agree that your cheerful attitude to the whole thing has made for very engaging reading.

  3. Sorry for your disaster; love how it got your mojo going! I love the title and the stitching along the bottom.
    And the guest book is gorgeous!!! You seem to have really found a niche in that area. Good on you!

  4. Beautiful album! Love the page too!

  5. Well don. out of chaos comes beauty, as someone famous probably once said

  6. That's such a pretty album ... Love your LO and the way the letters of the title are falling about too!

  7. It definitely has impact - a great layout, Lizzie. Good for you for documenting it!

    The book has turned out just gorgeously well, too xx

  8. Wow... I didn't know you had an etsy shop. Nice stuff! :) Are you going to be playing along with the next round of Blogging for Scrapbookers? :D Hope all is going well for you.

  9. Very lovely wedding guest album. And isn't it nice that scrapping can help us keep our perspective about life's little mishaps.

  10. Love the LO ~ a great story to record.

  11. I love the page - but not the mess. I would have wept. What a disaster but so good that you recorded it too and that the disaster had a silver lining in revealing your scrapping mojo.


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