Monday, 7 March 2011

A Sunday of Scrapping

Our Scrap Club met yesterday, for the regular monthly crop.  I hadn't managed to go to the last two, so hadn't seen the other ladies since before Christmas.  It was so nice to "be back" and see familiar, friendly faces (oh and the biscuits weren't bad either!).

I manged two pages yesterday - a big achievement for me, considering the mess things have been in recently.  It was really very nice to be away from the chaos and just relax!

A memento of my lovely surprise on Friday!

This seemed like an appropriate title, seeing as that is where the parcel came from and also the sweets are "totally USA", since you can't easily buy them here!

I used the photos I took while I was admiring my newly-opened parcel; the tags Deb made for the little parcels were so nice that I added these to the page, along with bows made from some of the ribbon she used. 
I used a few Valentines Day rubber stamps, with pink, red and brown inks, to give the page a bit more interest; I had a great bit of scrapbook paper about friends, so a piece of this, with some nice red art paper, made a good mat for the photos. I left a pocket behind the red paper, then added a little bit of ribbon to the lovely note-card that Deb had put in with my parcel.  I can keep the card and some journalling in this little pocket.  Such a nice way to remember a special present from such a special person!

A page about how J. got his black eye!

I thought the heading just about summed up the Lesson that he learned...
I used some brown felt letters for the word "Cuddles" - quite appropriate I think! The background paper was a great piece of shaped kraft paper I've had for ages; I used some matching kraft embellishments, along with some cute stickers and some arrows to draw attention to the "main attraction", since it's not so obvious at first!


  1. Gosh, you seem to be suffering from a series of unfortunate events at the minute Lizzie! I hope that eye clears up soon.

    I think making the layout about your gift from Deb while it was so new in your mind has given your page a lovely freshness - it just feels like it happened "now"

  2. I love the colors you used in the first layout, and the structure & embellies on the second one. I hope to scrap on Saturday.

  3. Lizzie, it would seem that you have all been in the wars in some way or another - thank goodness Deb's parcel arrived when it did!
    I always like scrapping recent events and moments, you have captured both of these really well ... and the crop sounds like a great day!

  4. Oh, Lizzie, I love both of your layouts. I have to admit that as I studied your first layout and saw the note I had written sticking out of the side of the pocket I said outloud, "Oh how cute!" :o) I love that you used the tags I made too. Such a great layout and makes me happy all over again. Thanks, Lizzie! xo

  5. Oh, to have that kind of talent! To re-purpose all the cute things from one little package to create such a beautiful page! And your son's shiner is a real "work of art"! Well done, Lizzie!

    Marti - Mom to Deb@PaperTurtle

  6. And here are the layouts I've just been admiring on the post above! Love that you've documented both of these 'everyday life moments', and love HOW you've documented them, the pages are stunning - I especially like the mixed up titles :-)

  7. Why thank you Marti - and everyone else. It's nice to make people smile - it makes me happy! I was so thrilled with my sweetie parcel and the tags were just the thing to use as embellishments for that page - Deb could almost have planned it for me!
    The Boy has almost lost his black eye now, by the way; it did happen almost 2 weeks ago, so there's very little sign of his "war wound" now.


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