Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Today has been exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking.  My niece (the elder one) is in labour with her second baby girl. It all started overnight, but unfortunately things have taken their time and not much is happening yet. 

Summer 2010 - My niece, great niece (#1!) and me

Everyone got excited this morning, so we all feel a bit flat just now. My mum's all worried - she is so far from everything that's going on and doesn't have internet access, text messaging etc, so relies on people to phone her up with news. Unfortunately, she was told early on in the proceedings, so has spent the day fretting and worrying, believing that something is happening and that there must be problems, since no-one has called yet, to tell her the baby is safely here.

Sigh...  There isn't anything wrong; no problems. It's just that it is early yet... my niece has had lots of those "trial contractions" for the last few weeks - once it even looked as if she was in labour, as it went on all night long - then stopped as suddenly as it started.  This time, it's "for real", but just sloooow... The midwife has been in and checked her over. She's happy with her condition, but I think she has said it'll be a while yet.

I think my niece must be so tired. I hope she can get some rest, or even a bit of sleep.  My sister has been in and out (as well as going to work today), so she's keeping an eye out too, but she went home, to leave the family to have a bit of peace and time together.

I hope I'll be back with some more positive, solid news tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I've got the fidgets and have flitted from one job to another all day, without really finishing most things. 

Tomorrow's another day - I'll hope for news in the morning and wish you all Good Night!

Baby Shower, January 2011


  1. Hope there is news soon. She must be exhausted - poor thing. Isn't it horrible waiting for a phone to ring, you can't settle to anything!

  2. Hi from BFS! I hope the baby makes an appearance tonight, the poor mama.

  3. ~sigh~ Waiting for babies is so exciting and frustrating all at the same time. Wishing your niece all the best!!! xo

  4. Oooh, keep us posted with any exciting news! :-)

  5. Keeping a good thought for a smooth delivery of a precious new life!

  6. Hope you will hear some news really soon!

  7. Good luck. Hope to hear good news soon

  8. The news this morning is that she's just going to the hospital, so they can monitor her. Things have gone on and on, but no real progress and she's exhausted.
    It will be good to hear that the baby is ok. No real reason why not, but you worry, don't you...

  9. Hi Lizzie, sorry to hear your Niece is getting so tired, must be ever so frustrating. Hopefully there will be some good news soon!


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