Thursday, 24 June 2010

Baby - and Big - Buntings...

All about bunting !

The other day, Jo-Jo put a post on her blog, all about how she was featured, by Rex London ( was DotComGiftShop), in a list of 50 Craft Blogs that they liked. After having a look - and jumping up & down with excitement because Jo's was No.3!!!! - I sent them an e-mail to offer my blog for inspection (as they had asked for more blogs). 

I had a lovely reply, saying that my blog was just what they were looking for. It made my day, I can tell you!

Anyway, they also asked if I'd consider helping them, by reviewing some of their rather fab Paper Bunting.  Now, Rex London do have rather a fabby collection of bunting and I've had my eye on it for a while.
In fact, I've had my eye on quite a lot of their stuff for a while.  You may remember this post, about a recent arrival of DotCom Treasure... but recently it's been Bunting that has caught my eye (along with a couple of other lovely things, which I'll come back to later).

As you all know, I have a bit of a liking for the flappy, flaggy little strings of stuff... well, it's just so bright, cheerful and eye-catching. Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face and to make any little party or afternoon tea into an Occasion.

So I couldn't say no, could I?  Of course not. I sent back a reply, saying "Yes please" in my bestest typing...

Then the doorbell rang:

An Exciting Envelope from DotComGiftShop (Rex London)...

* * *

You have to admit that Bunting is quite Exciting stuff.  It's been quite fashionable recently too.  Lots of people I know are doing cool stuff with bunting:

Check out the clever playing-card bunting at SJ's Birthday Party!

How about this cute stamped bunting on Shimelle's blog?

Sian has been using it on her layouts - such as this one...

Kirsty sneaks the odd bit of bunting into her layouts and cards...

Jane Dean made paper bunting triangles, to decorate her studio...

* * *

You know that I love to make bunting too...

These little strings of mini-bunting...

Little strings of bunting and tag-strings to decorate a hand-made baby album...

A loooong string of House Bunting (papers courtesy of Rinda, from her Blog House Party!). 

Every little house is hand drawn by me and each one is different. I had a lot of fun making these.  The "houses" were actually punched out with a tag-shaped mini-punch, which is how they are all the same shape. Each one is 3/4" high.  I haven't decided what to do with this yet, though it may end up in my "Project 2009" album (as it's houses).

And of course there's this little string of fabric bunting, which I made for my new baby niece's bedroom. 

It was entirely stitched by hand, as I was still recovering from my back injury and couldn't use the sewing machine. I did a little bit at a time, until they were finished. 

This now lives on the wall of Elle's bedroom -

She has such a lovely bedroom.

See the little fawn and height chart wall stickers there?  Those came from Rex London (DotComGiftShop) (in the Treasure I bought!).

* * *

And speaking of Rex London (DotComGiftShop)...

We left the story at the point where the doorbell had rung and the post-lady had given me an Exciting Envelope with stuff inside from Rex London (DotComGiftShop)....

Remember this?

So, what could it be?

Well it's obvious it was bunting, as that's what they said they'd send me; but which sort of bunting?

Here's a bit of a sneak-peek...

Well, obviously I was fairly excited... two packs of fabby paper bunting... like this -

Vintage Paisley!

and this....

Look at the lovely design... oooh... (they do this in coloured paper too).

Once I'd opened it all up, I was Extra Excited! 8 Metres of bunting - Two lots of 8 metres of bunting!

And we're having a family party on July 4th, to celebrate my mother's and niece's birthdays...

So, of course, I had to try it out in the garden; to make sure it would look just right for the party...

Tea Time in the Garden...
with Vintage Paisley Bunting!

Fluttering in the breeze...

...actually it's good stiff paper, a bit like cardstock, so it flutters, but doesn't rip...

These are the two designs on the paisley paper bunting. 

They are double-sided papers too and the string is strong and easy to tie (not slippy!), with plenty of spare at either end.
These are the lace ones...

I thought I'd hang both up together...

... they looked so pretty, blowing about against the blue, summery sky!

I'm so happy with this bunting - it's just what I wanted to decorate our garden for the party.  Keri-Anne loves vintage style, also lace and bunting, so it's got to be a winner for her birthday party!

* * *

So, what else will I have from my Favourite Online Shop, at the party?
A cute door-mat?

A spotty cake stand?
Definitely cakes in these spotty cases!
made with ingredients measured with my heart-shaped measuring cups!
displayed on some fab pink doilies?
(someone around here, was saying the other day, that they'd like some heart-shaped doilies!)
 and some lace table mats to go with the bunting?

Frankly, I'm spoilt for choice! There are so many lovely things to choose from.. I can spend hours browsing their shop (and could spend all my hard-earned shop money on stuff too!).

I'm excited about our party in July and it's going to be so pretty in our garden!

Thanks guys, for the great ideas and the fabby bunting!


  1. Ahh, such eye candy today LIzzie!
    Love the lace bunting and the spotty good - just lovely indeed.

  2. Awesome post! I never think of bunting in my world, but it's really ripe with possibilities. Very nice to be included as well, isn't it?

  3. What a wonderful post,Lizzie.... just love all the going to have to try some of those links.

  4. love love love that lacy bunting - great roundup of bunting uses

  5. Your garden looks amazing...How nice it must be to see all the bunting fluttering in the breeze. Fingers crossed for good weather

  6. Aunty, you are truly the most amazing lady!! the bunting is going to look amazing and i am so excited for the party.
    i think you deserve some special award for being one of the most kindest and thoughtful people in the wholeeeee world!
    i love you loads and loads x

  7. You know how much I love bunting so I'm very, very tempted by some of that lace. Great post with lots to look at today Lizzie! (And that pretty baby bunting is all the more special becaus eit is all hand sewn)

  8. What a lovely post, Lizzie. This makes me want to take the day off work and make buntings ALL DAY! LOVE these so much!!! xo

  9. i have got some free bunting i have to blog about too!!!!!!!! will be putting it up over the weekend.
    urs looks fab
    Jo xxxx

  10. My goodness, you are wonderfully creative with your bunting! Love the little house ones particularly! Not tried this but could just be tempted ... :)

  11. How exciting :-) Definitely a post to 'flag up' (*groan*...) The bunting is gorgeous, as are all the other products, mmmmm :-) Enjoy the pretty party! xx

  12. mmh these are so sweet, will have to check the site out! looks ace, hope the party goes well! x

  13. Hi Lizzie! I am so happy you stopped by my blog that I might find yours! You have most definetly inspired me to quit shying away from the bunting and give it a go on an upcoming LO! Thanks so much!

  14. Lovely bunting! Looks great in your yard

  15. What a fab blog you have! And thanks for adding my game, have you done it yet? :o)

  16. Oh my Lizzie, what a fab post, and all that adorable bunting. It looks so fantastic in your garden too; I do hope your party went well and the sun was shining.

    Glad to see you in Shimelle's new class; couldn't resist even tho I will be away for most of it!!!

    Take care, Sue x

  17. p.s that seat looked so invited i would like to sit and knit on their cute cute cute

  18. Thanks so much for visiting my little blog, wow huge blog post that must have taken you ages, it was fabulous but wow thats a lot of time xxx

  19. Thanks for directing me here from your latest post, Lizzie. I adore bunting too! It's so festive, and as you say, very popular at the moment. I have some rather fun Christmas bunting with vintage cats in festive hats, carrying Christmas puddings!! I should really make some for my studio, but there's always something else that needs doing first!



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