Thursday, 3 June 2010

Box of Stamps and another Book!

I'm definitely on a roll.... I think it must be the Springtime! I made four more stamps today:
Now I have a boxful!

Three "Tree" Stamps - though I'm hoping to be clever with the middle one and make use of it as tree foliage, but also as a cloud!

I also made this stamp, to a design drawn by J.  This is a special one for him to use with the stories he's writing. It has special significance to the stories and he's very pleased with it.

He wanted to be able to print it in three colours - red, blue and purple.  We were experimenting with brush-tip markers.  It doesn't look bad, but the ink doesn't print so clearly. I think we may try making this a two or even three-part stamp - one red, one blue (and maybe one purple, or else we can rely on the ink colours blending from the red & blue stamps).

* * *

Hmm, I wonder if I'm the only person having real problems with adding photos and editing my post today?  I can't select anything, so all text is centred, even if I want to left-justify it. I can't change text colours etc either.  All photos get stuck at the top and have to be dragged down to where I want them.  It's a bit of a pain.... Still, I will persevere and hope you'll forgive me if the post is a bit on the wobbly side (I can't even use the Preview, so will only be able to see it when it's published).

* * *
I also received a late birthday present delivery today:

A Big Bite II

For any that don't know about these - it's made by WeRMemoryKeepers and is called a "Crop a Dile - Big Bite".  It's a super-duper extra-clever hole puncher and eyelet setter, with a lovely long handle that I can push easily to make the holes for some of my books and to set eyelets.  I have spent hours working away with one of three types of manual hole-making systems, or my eyelet setters.  Today I set four eyelets into their holes and it took less than a minute!

The Big Bite helped me to make this:

A5 (8" x 6") Journal or Sketchbook, covered in Purple Lokta paper, with gold dragonflies.
It's decorated at the binding, with gold Angel Hair paper, bound with a tie-fixing, through those eyelets I set with my new toy! 
I'm very pleased with this and it's now in my shop.

* * *

Aside from bookbinding and stamp making, it's been a good day today.  The sun has shone down all day long and it's been a beautiful day.  We didn't have to go anywhere, so we stayed home and had a relaxing day.  J. played with the computer, did a bit of homework (I tested him on some revision),  had a Warhammer battle with his dad in the evening and jumped on his trampoline. 
I did the laundry (!), cleaned the kitchen and made a book, four rubber stamps and a nice dinner.

I think we did okay!

Hope everyone else has had a good day too. 

By the way, hop over to Sian's Blog and read what she has to say about Tumblr.  I tried it out... it's a bit different to Blogger and I will need practice, but it might complement my blog here quite well.  I'll carry on playing with it and we'll see... My Tumblr is here.


  1. Lizzie I like how your stamps turned out - you are getting quite proficient!
    I often have problems with text centering - very annoying, but not the end of the earth I suppose ... just not how I like it!
    Birthday pressie looks great and very useful I'm sure ... will check out Sian's blog now :-)

  2. latest stamps are great and how lovely to have a boxful. I also love the way that each one looks because you can see the way you worked on it - love things where I can see the craftmanship that went into them. My big bite is one of my favourite tools

  3. Love your stamps, they are great and they look like a box of biscuits in the first image! I'm almost on posting part 2 of my tutorial, it's been a busy week

  4. Now we'll get the blame if everyone gets sucked into another time wasting computer activity lol.

    Your stamps are wonderful and definitely shop-worthy

  5. loving those trees. u are getting really good at making ur own. i think they would be worthy of ur shop. handmade and individual afterall. enjoy the rest of halfterm. i did my first bookbinding last night. i think i need u to send me better instructions please for coptic stitch
    Jo xxxx

  6. Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments!

    I'm really enjoying my current creative spell. After the long winter and mine & mum's health problems in March & April, it's nice to feel fit and busy again!

    I'll look out for your Lino Cutting Part 2, Louise.

    Jo, I'll see if I can find your e-mail address and mail you - otherwise you're welcome to e-mail me yourself.

  7. Foudn you on Tumblr and am following you. Great minds think alike - we chose the same template for our backgrounds!!!

  8. Love the stamps! And the new tool sounds like a dream come true! Adding to (really, really long) wishlist.

  9. Hi Lizzie it's me again! I could very well be blind but I cannot for the life of me see an email addy for you - I've checked etsy as well .... just wanted to say thank you for the extract via J - far too funny and hubby thought it was hilarious as well! My email is in my profile if you ever need it :-)

  10. So lovely to catch up with your blog - sorry I missed your birthday, and I'm sorry it rained! I *love* your stamps :-)

  11. I would say you had an awesome stamp making day! Wowsers!

    I have the supplies to make my own but have not tried it yet! I need to get on the ball there!

    HUGS and love your big bite II! I want one soo badly!


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