Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Height of Specciness!

So, yesterday I paid a return visit to the Opticians, to pick up my New Glasses ( ! ).

They have those ultra-thin, coated, anti-scratch, anti-glare lenses.  They have half-rims - which is new for me.  They have varifocal lenses....

Okay, I'll try that again.... varifocal lenses...

Well, that's a bit better.

It's official. I am getting old (er).

Varifocal lenses, because I have been having trouble with reading stuff with normal glasses on and my reading glasses have now reached the stage where the world beyond the area of the Printed Page (or Scrap Page!) is blurred if I forget to change my specs.

I'm not unhappy to have them, though they take some getting used to.  It's all about the position of your head, apparently.  If I want to see stuff clearly, I have to be looking through the right part of the lens.  This means making sure my computer screen is in the right place, so I can look slightly down at it.  I have to look straight forward to see distances (and I haven't tried driving yet).  I need to look down through the lower part of the lens when I'm reading (which is apparently a natural thing, but I've got so used to peering at stuff from beneath my glasses, that this is going to need some adjustment time!).

When I go out this morning, I will try them for driving.  But I'm taking my old distance glasses with me. For insurance. Just in case. 

Actually, I think I'm a bit scared of my new specs...

Did I say that out loud?

Takes a bit of getting used to. As does the idea of me having varifocals. At my age. Which isn't old. Not yet. 

But I always thought bi-focals were for wrinklies... 

Then again, these are not bi-focals.  Those thick, ugly lenses, with big lines across the middle, or a large semi-circular spot on the lower lens, for the reading part of the glasses.

These are Platinum Varifocal Lenses.  Super-duper, extra-special, high-tech, ultra-thin, coated, anti-glare, anti-scratch, half-framed, light-weight.....


So, anyway...

I thought it would be nice to take a photo of myself in my new specs.   They are much less obvious than my old glasses. The lenses sort-of fade a bit against my face, thanks to there being no frame at the bottom, and the top part of the frame being a colour that blends into my (dark and beetly) eyebrows.

Two attempts by DS to take my portrait... Not bad, but he needs practice.

The new specs are not very visible though (I know, I said they blend in nicely, but I wanted a photo that showed them a bit more than this!)

So, although J. tried hard to help, I thought I should try taking a self-portrait instead....

In the mirror...

Not much better...

Okay, I would put the camera on the window-sill and use the self-timer.

Feeble attempts to get a shot lined up....

Maybe this would do.

Not sure that this is any better than the one taken by J.  And it's so dark this morning too. 

So, there you are.  Proof that I have new glasses.

And proof that I need to take a photography course - and probably buy a better camera too!

By the way, all the cuddly creatures on my bedroom windowsill were presents from J.  He would be very upset if I didn't put them somewhere nice and obvious, on display.  He bought the meerkat for Mothers' Day this year, the mini-dolphin was an "adopt-a-dolphin" present, and the teddies were for my birthday and once when I was ill.  I don't play with cuddlies any more - except when the babies are here to visit - honest!! (but I must admit I rather like to look at them...).

* * *

And finally....

J's portrait of Sherlock in his New House...

The delivery man brought a large box of cat food yesterday.  Sherlock always knows this is his food  - I don't know how he can smell it when the stuff is in sachets, inside boxes, which are covered in plastic wrap, then put into a bigger box for delivery...

I put the box down, Sherlock walked in and sat down, had a wash, got comfy...

J. fetched the camera and managed a quick photo before Sherlock came out again.

We think Sherlock is cool.

* * *


  1. Oh, this made me smile! I was at the opticians on Tuesday..ssh! don't tell anyone, but I'm getting older too. I had to get a new prescription and new contacts because tbh I can't see close work at all well with the ones I've got. Comes to us all..

    Lovely to "see" you. Course if I go and take out my lenses and put on my glasses you might look completely different lol.

  2. Great new glasses, Lizzie :-) Love all the pics of you, too (even the less successful ones!)

    It's taken me a while to catch up over here - I'm so sorry to hear about Ginger xx

  3. Snazzy!
    I had to have graduated lenses a few years ago and now I don't - go figure???
    The portaits are great and I agree, it is so difficult to get a good self-portrait, J did a wonderful job!
    I think Meerkats are very cute :-)

  4. I love this post, Lizzie. The photos of you in your new glasses are such fun and I loved seeing you in your element. Same goes for Sherlock! :o) Good luck with your new happens to the best of us! [wink]

  5. I am loving getting you know you through your blog, Lizzie. Your glasses are lovely, if intimidating, and you are totally adorable. :) I can relate to the official getting old(er). It's happening in my quiet village as well.

  6. I've got "make an appt. with eye doctor" on my summer to-do list. Definitely find myself peering over the tops of the lenses more and more often these days.

  7. OMG... what a great cat! :D

    "bi-focals were for wrinklies" totally made me laugh. I LOVE that.

    Your glasses do blend really well.

  8. Love your new glasses Lizzie; I refused to have bi-focals too (funny how we associate with a word eh?!). I was thinking of getting the varifocals, but the optician said you needed to get used to them for driving and to be honest you have to see out of the back of your head driving out here, so I declined. But now, since I had prescription lenses in my sunglasses, my eyesight is getting worse and I sure could do with those varifocals. Good luck "test driving" yours.

    I had new long distance glasses, so did the hubby; we both look like Harry Potter, but Kev looks cuter! I should take photos too.

  9. I hate the first week of new varifocal glasses cos it all seems odd but they are worth it. Great to see you too

  10. You look great in them! (no matter who took the photo!). Sherlock obviously has the nose of a detective..! I have had to get reading glasses in the last year and am not liking it either ;).

  11. I love the new glasses - you will be thrilled once you are used to them.
    i made the step into varifocals just over a year ago - also half rimless (new for me too) and the super duper ultra thin, special lenses (If I don't have those my glasses are like bottle bottoms) I have been thrilled beyond words with them. Best thing I ever did and wish I had done it years ago. Worth the absolute shocking cost.
    I hope you get used to them quickly - and a great series of protaits too. Love Sherlock's new home (why .... cats and boxes ... whay!!!!)

  12. Came here via Alexa's blog. I wear varifocals too have done for years but interestingly enough my optician told me not to wear them for the computeras you will get neck ache and I had been getting quite a lot of pain in my shoulders. I now have a lower strength cheap pair that I keep just for the PC

  13. I like how all of your pics tell a story Lizzie and I love the pic of Sherlock -super cute!


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