Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It Can't Be My Birthday - it's Raining!

So, here I am last year, celebrating my birthday at the River Festival.  It was a lovely day, with sunshine and blue skies.  The temperature rose to about 26 degrees C that day....  Note my sunglasses and summer dress as I take a photo of my little baby gt.niece.

This is the sort of weather we normally have on my birthday.  The sun shines, the sky is blue, the birds sing.... you get the idea.
Hmm,  this was our garden today.  

It rained.  All day long.
No picnic lunch outside in the sunshine.  Or not without a raincoat and umbrella...
It can't be my birthday. It NEVER rains on my birthday!
Obviously I have got the calendar mixed up and it will be 1st June tomorrow, with sunshine and a proper, rain-free birthday....
Just wake me up in time for breakfast please!

Meanwhile, we had a nice day anyway. Went out to the local Country Park, where we ate cake, drank coffee and watched the people who took their dogs for walks in the rain.
J. had a go at feeding the ducks and geese with some of the birdfood they sell for 30p a bag.  He got wet, while we sat in the car and watched him.  At least he didn't mind and enjoyed it anyway! 
It takes a bit more than a rainy day to stop us enjoying ourselves!!

* * *

So I was busy this afternoon, working on various projects, including the hand-made stamps I've been designing.

A swallow, which turned out very well.

and a bird on a branch, which isn't finished quite yet.  It will also have a twin, facing the other way!  I'll post photos of both when I have finished them.

My mum's friend came out with us this morning. She gave me a home-made sponge cake for my birthday -  a very nice present! We ate some at tea time... I think, after the Indian Restaurant on Saturday, take-away pizza on Sunday and cakes today, I will start my diet tomorrow!

Luckily, no-one gave me chocolates for my birthday!

G'night all!


  1. Happy Birthday Lizzie :-)
    So sorry you had rain on your birthday - still, it sounds like a great day and nothing beats a homemade sponge cake!

  2. Stupid rain. :o(

    But happy day because you were born!!! :o) I hope you have sunshine tomorrow and many days to follow!

    Happy Birthday, Lizzie!

  3. Happy Birthday wishes from me too! Sorry about the rain, but glad you enjoyed the day anyway and tucked into some yummy homemade sponge cake! Your stamps are great, looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!
    So fun to see a picture of you out & about!
    And I love the bird stamps.

  5. I hope the rain didn't spoil your day x The stamps look really really good!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Sorry about the rain. It's my DDs today (2nd June) and the sun is shining - as it was when she was born 3 years ago. I should just celebrate today as well if I were you.

  7. Glad you had a good birthday despite the rain.We've got sun today....hope you have.


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