Monday, 11 January 2010

Oooh! Treasure!

Having a busy Monday, as always.  But when I came home for lunch, there was a parcel by the back door. 

I bought these from DotComGiftShop, just for me! The stickers will be for some scrapping I have planned.  The Passport cover was just because I like it and so I don't keep muddling my passport up with J's ... the cake cases are for some time soon, when I plan to make something yummy (probably once I've recovered from too much Christmas food!).

I bought these three for my baby niece.  Keri-Anne & her husband have been decorating her bedroom at the new house.  It looks lovely, with a stained pine floor, white furniture and walls, a lovely old (original) Victorian fireplace and some pink accessories, animal stickers etc.  I know they have plans to buy some of those vinyl wall art stickers, with woodland animals, so when I saw these, I thought they'd go so well with those stickers.  Couldn't resist the mobile. It's just lovely!  The wall stickers are a tall, thin height chart, with seperate animal and plant stickers, to put anywhere.  I bought two of the fabric bags, so they can be hung up and used for storage.

I'm excited about these! I love spoiling that baby... and there's another baby on the way soon too, as my other niece, Caroline, is expecting in seven weeks' time. Then I'll be a Great Auntie twice over!


  1. The cake cases are tooo cute!

  2. Ooh, lovely goodies. My DD has a lunch bag in that deer design, didn't realise there was a range of stuff - will have to check the website out!!

    The bag I made is an increasing circle with a drawstring to pull it up - a bit like a mop hat I suppose!

  3. oh aunty!!!!!! thank you so so much! are they really for E? you are the best great aunt anyone could ask for (and best auntie too!!!)

    i love you xx

  4. That mobile is just gorgeous Lizzie!
    How exciting to have all those new babies around.
    Your parcels in the mail make for a wonderful change to the usual!

  5. Ooh, lovely :-) We got an exciting package today - that's be covered in my Photo Of The Day for today, which I'll be posting in a week or so!!

  6. Just love the heart mobile.... soooo cute.

  7. I love all of these, especially the stickers, the deer is so cute! What lovely gifts! So exciting about the baby! I am writing this in prep again! eeekkk. Got to skl ok but it is snowing loads now which is very exciting! xxx


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