Sunday, 10 January 2010

Busy Weekend

First, things first... a Thank You note!

Thank You to Rinda,
who sent me two lovely Tim Holz-inspired Tags, from her giveaway over Christmas time! They arrived in the post yesterday, with a very pretty little card and a nice message.  I haven't photographed them yet (sorry!), but I wanted to let Rinda know they arrived safely and that I Love Them!

The middle tag of these three, is one of those Rinda sent me - lovely, isn't it?!  I will try to photograph them tomorrow and post a "proper" picture of both tags and the lovely card!

Also, I have been busy working on more books for my Etsy shop.  I finished this today and managed to get it photographed and posted. 

The new white photo-cube is great, because I can use it to get reasonable pictures using artificial light.  The photos are a bit soft-looking, but they are quite crisp and in focus, with fairly good colours, so I'm happy with them. I may be able to get better pictures tomorrow, in natural light (especially if it snows again tonight!), but after the listing on Friday, I thought I would just post the book in the shop and see what happens.  It has already had 23 views and it had one "heart" within the first 5 viewings. I can't complain about that... who knows, it may sell overnight!

The rest of the weekend has been sorting out the house, and stuff for D's new job, which he starts tomorrow.  We took down the Christmas decorations (late, but we have had other stuff to do, honest!!), packed it all up and hauled the boxes back into the loft til next December.  We sorted out some clothes that we had stored in a suitcase and stuffed in the loft - I had wondered where my sweaters had all gone to!  We found D's nice warm boots, with grippy soles and fleece lining - he'll need those for getting to work! 

All in all, it's been a busy sort of weekend.  I hope we might manage to re-start our house project next weekend. There is still so much to sort out, put away, move from one room to another, assemble etc etc.  It would be nice to get back to it, as Christmas stopped us in our tracks and we have lost our momentum now.

Anyway, that's it really. I hope all my blog friends have had good weekends, with no problems from snowy or otherwise horrible weather.

Must go - nearly bed time and I have to be up and about early tomorrow (I hate Monday mornings!).

G'night all!


  1. So glad they arrived! It sure took a long time for them to get there!

  2. All of the tags look lovely Lizzie - the cube certainly makes for a great photo as well .... the colours are lovely!

  3. Your photos are great....think I definately need one of those cubes.

  4. You lucky thing! Rinda's tags are beautiful. I'm going to ask for a photo cube for my birthday I think having seen what you can do with one. Thanks for introducing me to the idea. Good luck with dh's new job!

  5. another lovely journal/book. how do you do it? people must love ur etsy shop. i need tips please.
    jo xxx

  6. Errrm, just to point out that the tags in the photo were made by Rinda. The photo is her own, which I snaffled from her blog post!
    The middle tag in that photo is one of two she sent me, but I haven't been able to photograph them yet!!

    Sorry if I confused or misled anyone...

  7. I hate Monday mornings too.... Congrats on your win by the way, I was lucky enough to win something from the talented Rinda too :-) Omigosh, I don't think I posted about it!! Though I did email her to thank her...


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