Monday, 18 January 2010

More Treasure, More Monkeys!

So, last night, while I was browsing through various blogs of my acquaintance, I popped over here to see how Kirsty was getting on.  Found that lovely Fabric Flowers Tutorial, but I also bought myself one of these:

I am going to put it on the wall of my workroom. It will be Fab!
To buy one of your very own (or Keep Calm and Carry On, in red), go to Kirsty's Blog Shop.

Meanwhile, today I did a little browsing of new listings on Etsy (having just relisted a couple of things myself, including this by the boy...

J. did the drawing and I made the notebook cover for him.

But I also found this!

He's actually a Scarf. He's made for adults and you wear him a bit like one of those old-fashioned "fox fur" stoles. Isn't he ace?

So, anyway, I just thought you might like to see these little treasures.  I haven't much to tell otherwise, except that the car conked out on Friday night, with a big flashing "Exhaust System" fault light.  I had to drive it to the garage this morning, for repair. It went veeery sloooowly and I was really getting worried that we wouldn't make it! It started to really struggle in the last mile or so - good thing it wasn't any further, or I'd have been calling them for a tow!

I had to take two buses to get home; one into town, from the garage, then one out to our village, from town.  I waited 15 minutes for the first bus (just missed one), after a 10 minute walk to the stop.  I then had to walk just across the bus station, to the bay where my local bus goes from.  I was lucky, as I had hardly sat down, when the bus came in.  The driver let us on straight away and we left within 5 minutes.  Even with the lucky timing, it still took me 1 1/2 hours to travel a distance that would take 15 minutes by car! 

Car is still sick. It needs a new part, which they have ordered. I hope to have it back before tomorrow night... my neighbour offered to take me to pick it up today, but I think she'll be at work tomorrow.. More buses, or a taxi?

So, you can see that I needed retail therapy (not that I bought anything - trying to be good!).

Hope you liked my treasures.


  1. We so rely on our cars,don't we....they're always telling us to use public transport...but it's just so bad...and takes so long.
    Kirsty's tutorial is brilliant...thanks for that.

  2. oh no car disease is obviously catching. i wish i could do the retail therapy part. izzie empathises with you. would you like to join our book group?
    Jo xxxx

  3. hi lizzie, me again. im sure we can come up with a list of books u'll like and remember u choose at least 1, or 2 if there's only a small group of us! so we have to go along with ur choices too.
    Jo xxx

  4. Hope your car gets better soon! That's such a drag.

  5. Lizzie, thank goodness it wasn't snowing when you had the car troubles! I know I take my car for granted - I'd be lost with out it, we are in an outlying suburb with less public transport than in other areas.
    So glad you posted a link to the Keep Calm posters - I've admired those for a while :-)

  6. Wow, fab finds :-) I hope they cheered you up, they certainly have me (between difficult phone calls about tax, bleh) - poor car xx

  7. I keep promising myself a "keep calm and carry on" poster to put at the top of the final flight of stairs before you turn the corner into my workroom. Sorry to hear about the car..that's a pain.

  8. now uve started controversy on my blog with the differences between different cakes and bready goodness!!!! shame on u lizzie.
    Jo xxxxx

  9. Love the eat cakes poster - thanks for your comments. RE OCA - I found the Photography courses really useful, but you do have to be self motivated as there is little fellow student contact. (There was a fair bit of support for photography through flickr). It is expensive, but I think is a good way of learning new skills.


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