Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Plan continues...

Today I got up early and told D. to get up soon. We had jobs to do! We ate breakfast and he kept telling me that we needed to get started on the jobs. So he went upstairs for his shower, while I finished my coffee.  When I went up a short while later, there he was, playing computer games! "I'm washed and dressed" he said, in a defensive voice... and proceeded to spend 1 1/2 hours on the computer! 

Meanwhile, I emptied the very large box of stuff we'd left in the hallway when we moved bedrooms. The "stuff" consisted of bags, shoes and boots (those  I hadn't been able to find and pull out of the box at the start of the cold weather!), dance shoes (which I don't use now but can't bear to part with), scarves, bits and pieces. All these things had been stuffed into our wardrobe in our old room (or rather, they had been stuffed into D's wardrobe, which he and I had shared for 3 years!).  I now have some wonderful wardrobe space of my own, so my things (most of the box contents) are now put away in there. D's belongings are in his own wardrobe and he's happy. 

We cleared away 3 boxes from the hallway, which contained various things.  Then we moved the bookcase from the corner of our new room, back into the cleared hall-space and replaced the books that were taking up 2 more boxes. Result!

D. looks quite pleased with himself!

You can see the doorway to the new bedroom, behind D.  We still need to replace the wallpaper, where the old window was removed and partly bricked up, then paint the walls in that little entrance area. Then we've finished the Project! Those are Springtime jobs though, but the moving and tidying is still ongoing.  Now that we've cleared this space, I can think about a small storage unit for our bedroom, to put books, videos and a couple of baskets of things onto. The space for this is now free, as the bookcase is back in the hallway! I will take some of those books off it and redistribute them around the house - it's looking far too well fed!

Next job is to get those shelves for my Workroom and transfer the rest of my crafting stuff upstairs.  Then we will have a clear Utility room and we can re-arrange the clutter from the kitchen/top of fridge etc.  Also, once we've organised the workroom, we can move the sofa-bed up from the dining room, then re-organise that room too! How lovely it will be, to have a tidy house at last!

The Plan continues apace!


  1. wow u hVE BEEN BUSY. i need some motivation to get going on my organising..........any tips lizzie.
    Jo xxx

  2. Sounds as if you're doing great with the re-organising.

  3. A very satisfying days work! Sounds like a fantastic job you're doing

  4. I bet you are feeling really satisfied with a good job well done!

  5. Yes, I do feel pleased with how we did today. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated at weekends - tempting to laze in bed and play with our computers all day!

    So you see, Jo, we also find motivation a problem... all I can suggest is to take a deeeep breath, look for a small task to start you off, say "Right!" and get on with it! Once you get going, it's much easier to Keep Going!



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