Thursday, 21 January 2010

All Packed and Ready to Go!

So, I'm very excited (and a bit nervous... which has surprised me)! Tomorrow I'm off to a local Residential College, to do two courses over the weekend.

The first is tomorrow and is Bookbinding. We will be producing a journal, with envelopes inside and leather on the cover. Not sure of the details, though she invited us to bring any papers that we might want to use. So I have packed up some possibilities for the cover and/or endpapers.  Also packed my cutting knives and scissors, metal rulers, pens, pencils, marking crayon, pricking tool (though I may not need it), bone folders and, of course, my new Bookbinding Journal that I made last weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, I'll be doing a course called "Printmaking with a Difference". We've been asked to bring some materials with texture, so I've collected a little boxful of stuff - corrugated card, bits of braid with different designs, some shredded wood packaging, a bit of sponge, little bits & bobs - all sorts of things.  I've also got a new apron/tabard thing, as I expect to get a bit inky! My mum bought me a pack of 2 tabards, like ladies wear for cleaning, serving school dinners etc! But they will be useful. I did need some aprons, so these will do very nicely.

So I'm off tomorrow morning, in my nicely repaired car, just after breakfast, ready for a  9am start!  Hope I don't get lost on the way (though I'm sure I won't).  I will be staying there for 2 nights and don't know if there will be Internet access for my laptop (or time to use it!!), so it may be a bit quiet round here - do talk amongst yourselves, I will be back on Monday.  You could amuse yourselves by looking back and seeing if you have a favourite post... if you can be bothered!

Not much else happening here. I slept Very badly last night, so went back to bed after J. had left for school (so glad I had a day with nothing on the calender!). I slept all morning and woke at 12pm, feeling a fair bit more human.  I spent the rest of the day getting the jobs done and packing my things for the weekend.

D. is on his way home, but doesn't expect to be back til after midnight. I'm off to bed now, folks! Have a good weekend if I don't "see" you.


  1. Wow - should be a super fun weekend!!!
    Can't wait to hear the results.

  2. Oooooh!!! Have fun this weekend. I can't wait to see what you are going to create!

  3. Have fun....sounds like a really full weekend.

  4. How exciting! :-) Have a fabby time xx

  5. Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see the book with with envelopes inside..I love those.

  6. mi9ssed your post last night. i too am away in sussex. see you sunday and hope uve had a g8 time. expecting tutorials!!!
    Jo xxx

  7. Sounds great! Enjoy your fabulous weekend!

  8. Sounds like loads of fun, Can't wait to see what you make.

    Yes the bed linen is new too, Just need to get round to decorating the bedroom now!

  9. Hope u have a great weekend lizzie. Sounds awesome. Have enjoyed catching up with your blog! xxxxx


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