Sunday, 17 January 2010

Got Bricks! The Project Book, Day Two

Two posts in one day...

I just wanted to post some pics of my new pages for the Project Book.

The light wasn't good - artificial light again. Still, I hope you think they will do. I'm quite pleased with myself!

Ooh, just a quick addition. Have you seen the new Prima flowers and others that are coming out just now? Lovely fabric flowers in various styles, very pretty and rather expensive?  Kirsty Wiseman, that amazing crafty blogger, has made a great Video Tutorial, showing how to make very quick fabric flowers. They are fab - go and have a look!


  1. ove the colours you used and the style like writing 'what if it rains'

  2. Good for you working away on those pictures!

  3. This is really going to be worth the hard work when it's finished! We've done many renovation projects in several houses and I would love to have this kind of record for them.

  4. It's going to be a great record...and thanks for the link.

  5. wow, i luv this book ur making, and thanx so much for the flower tutorial. i have been looking around for some ideas on youtube but haven't seen this one. im gonna be making so many flowers now,
    Jo xxxx

  6. Thanks peeps! I'm looking forward to finishing the mini album, especially as I can show it to my mum, who can't get up our stairs to see for herself - so far she's only really seen the outside.

    Kirsty Wiseman does various tutorials and freebies - she's very nice and very generous. She also has a shop attached to her blog, where she's selling a few nice things... I know this because I've just bought a poster. It's pink, with "Keep Calm and Eat Cake", with a cake above the writing, instead of a crown. It will be fab for my workroom!


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