Thursday, 7 January 2010

Back in Business!

Hello All Friends!

Well, I've had a couple of non-blogging days, but now I'm back with stuff to tell you about.

Have not been too fit the last few days. My kneck and shoulders have been sore, and yesterday I had a truly evil headache. I saw my osteopath in the morning, for my regular "top up", to keep me mobile etc.  She is lovely and such fun. I enjoy going to see her, not just because she helps keep me straightened out, but because she's nice too.  Anyway, she worked on my kneck and stuff, massaged the tight muscles and stretched them etc. I felt a lot more mobile in my kneck and shoulders, but in the afternoon I had a reaction to all the manipulation and was in pain!! My head had been a bit achey in the morning, but I think all the improved blood flow etc was a shock to my system lol! In the afternoon I had to go and lie down for a couple of hours, but even after that I had a fiendish headache and tablets didn't help.  Also, my shoulder and back muscles were out in sympathy. I used my ice pack for 10 minutes, to encourage everything to settle down, then had a rest again. Eventually it all settled down and I got a good night's sleep. I feel fine today.

I was up early this morning, working on a project for my Shop.

A Mini Scrapbook, in "Nonsense" papers, by We R Memory Keepers. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's now listed in my shop!

In fact, I took lots of photos as I went along and I'm now about to start a tutorial to post on my blog later on.  So, Watch This Space!


  1. Yea! Thanks Lizzie. Love your tutorials.

  2. Will watch out for it,Lizzie....glad you're feeling better today.

  3. Oh Lizzie, I'm sorry - glad you're feeling better now x

    Looking forward to the tutorial :-)

  4. I love the paper you used for the cover. I'll look forward to seeing your tutorial as I love making mini-books! :o) Glad your neck and shoulders have settled down!

  5. wondered where you'd been. sorry to hear you've been in so much pain. it is awful when you can't get any relief. my mum bought me a lavender neck warmer for christmas cos i get intermittent neck ache. love that u feel back able to wrk,
    jo xxx

  6. Ooh those lavender kneck pillows are lovely, Jo!
    I feel a fraud now though - I wasn't in a lot of pain... it was just uncomfortable and a nuisance, not super-agony. On a scale of 1-10, the kneck & shoulders were prob. a 4. The headache was yukky - prob a 7. But I'm fine now, so thanks everyone for your kind comments.


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