Sunday, 3 January 2010

Well, Google Me!

Hello all Friends!  Just an update with my various bits of news (nothing major or earth-shattering today, so if you've more important places to be, I quite understand... )

* * *

I was playing with my pc last night (basically it was a work-avoidance exercise, as I couldn't get inspiration for my Thank You cards!).  I decided to Google my shop.  I put in "by Lizzie Made" as my Google Search and this is what came up: -

Lizzie Made by LizzieMade on Etsy

Welcome to Lizzie Made! HOLIDAY FREE SHIPPING SALE on ALL ITEMS! During the Holiday Season, all items will ship free. * * * My shop offers you. - 51k - Similar pages

The Main Page of my Etsy Shop

View Custom Scrapbook Pages by LizzieMade on Etsy

Looking for Custom Scrapbook Pages? Check out our selection of Custom Scrapbook Pages at LizzieMade's Shop on Etsy. - 27k - Similar pages

An Etsy Ad for my shop!

Bookbinding Etsy Street Team

There are also ribbon flowers by Lizziemade. You could use them in scrapbooking, ... We'll start with a Christmas Ornament Book with Tags by Lizziemade. ... - 176k - Similar pages

And my listing by the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team, of which I am a member!

I feel very lucky to be listed 3 whole times on Google!

* * *

Bread and Butter...

Well, I did get myself organised and I've made a small batch of Thank You cards -

I made four like this, but I think 2 photos is plenty! I have a lovely rubber stamp of an old-fashioned handwritten letter,which I stamped in cocoa-coloured ink on a creamy paper background (sorry the photos are not good quality - taken in artificial light).  Then I stamped the flower motif on top in cranberry ink.  I inked all the edges with cocoa (or red on one of them, but it wasnt so nice) and stuck the square onto the card.  These are 3.5" / 8.5cm square cream cards by the way.

I was bored after four the same.  This background paper is called "Rosehip" and is by Kirsty Wiseman, from her Patti Picklicious range on CD.  I love it to bits.  This offcut was great for a little card.  I used the rest of it to cover a notebook that I sold in my shop.
The tag is a double one. The bottom is a scrap of the creamy paper I used for the four "handwriting" cards. The top is just a scrap of cream paper, stamped in cranberry ink and cut out. I used the same cream drawing paper to stamp the flower, which I cut round with my pet pair of paper-cutting scissors.

An offcut of paper by K and Co.  Inked edge and a narrow ribbon, tied with a mini bow. That's it.

"Fabulous" Paper by Chatterbox. I used it to make a journal for my shop. I love this paper.  Nice little turquoisey bow to finish.

I feel quite pleased with myself.  I only made 8 cards in total, but this is something special for me just now.  I used to make all my cards, all the time.  At Christmas I would think nothing of running up a batch of 50 (over a few weeks).  I hardly ever bought a card and kept my mum supplied too. 

Then I had my accident and didn't touch my card-making stuff for months.  I managed cards for D. and J. for birthdays, anniversary and valentine's day, but that was all.  But this year I managed to make 20 Christmas cards and I have now made some Thank You cards too. I also made 2 "New Home" cards in November as well.  I feel that I'm back on my way again!

Of course, I have made books, scrap albums and layouts over the last 10 months, but it's nice to be making cards again too. Now to build up my "stock" again!


* * *

What's Been Going On Out There?

I woke to sunshine and blue skies today.  Mind you, me & D. woke very, very late.  The cat couldn't stand it any longer and bullied J. to let him go upstairs and wake us.  We got up at 9:45am - shameful!!!
But I felt great for it, that's for sure (at least I did once I'd had breakfast!).

We ate breakfast with the birds this morning.  They don't get up so early just now, but by 9:30am the garden is teeming with them.  There were all sorts of birdy goings-on this morning (sadly most of these were not recorded with my camera).  There was a very harrassed male Blackbird in the garden.  It is normal for there to be only one blackbird, either male or female, most of the time, as they are very, very terratorial (you listen to the fuss they make when you go out in the garden to put the washing out!).  However, at some point in the winter they start pairing up for the springtime.  This morning, Mr. Blackbird was being pursued energetically by Four Females, who were also chasing each other, then all the other birds in the garden.  He looked a bit desperate out there!  The blackbirds would not keep still, so I couldn't photograph them!

The Redwings are still visiting too.  There were four this morning, picking berries of the bushes by the pond. Couldn't get their picture as they were gone by the time I fetched my camera.

We also had a gang of Starlings, a mob of Chaffinches (who even scared the formidable Mrs. Blackbird ), a squad of Sparrows, a Song Thrush, some BlueTits, a Great Tit, two Goldfinches, a Robin, a Dunnock.. and this lovely little sweetie -

Not quite A Partridge in a Pear Tree (no, there were sparrows in that today), but isn't he/she pretty?  He sat very quietly and watched the chaos going on below.  He only came down to feed once the rabble had buzzed off to swarm in someone else's garden.  Then he was joined by his mate and they had a peaceful breakfast together. 

Don't you think our Ash Tree looks rather lovely against the blue sky?

And this evening, at 3:45, I looked out of my workroom window:-


It's pretty well dark here now though.  Just the last of the sunset, all pink and orange.  Don't think my camera would cope with the low light to take any more pics now.

So that's been my day... quiet, peaceful and nice.  What a relief to have a restful weekend for a change!

Back to Normal tomorrow.. holidays are Over for me. 

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. It is a bits & pieces kind of day, isn't it? I love the sunset picture & K&Co. card. I also want to put in a pitch for a sock cat tutorial (following up on your comment on Sian's blog). Would love to see that!

  2. Okay Rinda, you're on! I will try to get a Sock Cat Tutorial set up asap. This time I'll try to do a photo-tutorial, so give me a few days to get it together...

  3. Love your cards Lizzie - especially the last one!
    This post is such a lovely look into your day - wish we were sleeping to all hours, lucky to make it to 7am!

  4. Love your cards, Lizzie :-) Sorry I've neglected your blog lately, but I've just had a lovely catch up on all your news! Congrats on the page call especially :-)

    All the best for 2010 xx

  5. The cards are lovely, glad you're getting back into making them.

  6. Beautiful cards! I hope you feel inspired to make lots more. Love the photos too. I like the sound of that toy book, sounds like a good one.

  7. love, love love the cards, especially the first ones, they are so pretty and simple! Love reading your blog n everything u get up to! Your bird knowledge really does astound me! lol! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, tell your son, seriosuly playing the guitar is a way to win a girls heart! ha ha! Oh n btw I love the idea for the sock cat idea! fun fun fun! can add it to the monkey! woooh! xxxxxxxx

  8. Your cards are really lovely!

    ...and I love googling myself too!

    It's neat to see how viral things are on the internet!!! Amazing right!

    Have a terrific day!


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