Thursday, 29 July 2010

That Yummy Chocolate Flan Thing...

Well, I got told off for not providing the recipe to last weekend's yummy chocolate flan... So I asked Su and she told me how it was made. It wasn't a scientific recipe, but I'll try to work out quantities for you - however it'll be "intelligent guessing", so it may not work out exactly right. Be prepared to do a "dry run" before making it for any special occasion, just in case you need to adjust the amount of something.  The texture should be nicely set, like a cheesecake (non-baked).

So, Su said "Whipping cream, a carton of Mascarpone and two bars of Dark Chocolate".  I think the quantities should probably be like this:

* * *

Pastry Case, "baked blind" and ready to use
250-300ml Whipping Cream, whipped to soft peaks
250g tub Mascarpone
2 x 100g bars (or 1x 200g) Dark Chocolate ( 70%+ cocoa!)
12 Large (halved) or 24 Small (whole) Strawberries
Garnish (Mint or Lemon Balm leaves, baked mini-balls of pastry, biscuit crumbs, chocolate to drizzle, icing sugar etc)

* * *

I'm not too sure about quantities for US-style cooking. This Recipe Converter may help.
It suggests that 250ml of liquid or 250g dry weight is equivalent to approx 1 Cup, 200g (chocolate) is approx 7-8 oz weight.
Hopefully this would help you work out the recipe okay.

* * *

1) Whip the cream to soft peaks. 
2) Melt the chocolate in a bowl, over hot water (or in a microwave).
3) Fold the melted chocolate into the whipped cream.
4) Fold in the mascarpone.  The mixture will begin to thicken.
5) Pour into pastry case.
6) Garnish with strawberries or other fruit, drizzled melted chocolate etc
7) Chill for an hour or more, until cold and set.
8) Add more garnish if wanted - biscuit crumbs, pastry balls, icing sugar etc
9) Serve with more cream if wanted, or ice cream, more fruit etc.

* * *

This dessert is really quite rich and filling, so you'll probably only want a smallish slice. The one Su made served 6 hungry people at two meals!

I hope this works out for you. Please let me know if you decide to try it and whether you enjoy the results!


  1. Looks yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. yummy yummy, hope ur having a good rest
    Jo xxx

  3. Sounds great - might just have to give it a go! :-)

  4. I bought some ingredients yesterday that I thought might do the trick - I didn't think of mascapone .... planning to make this tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I get the cheese. Also, planning to put raspberries on the top :-)

  5. Wow! This sounds VERY yummy!!! Will definitely give this one a try.

    And yes, great minds do think alike! ;o)

  6. Sounds delicious!! I wonder if I can find marscapone cheese around here anywhere?

  7. You could probably use Creme Fraiche, or even buttermilk - add some tartar or lemon juice and let it sit for a couple of hours, to let the cultures develop. Otherwise a soft cream cheese would produce a similar result - maybe not quite as "set", but that's what I use for cheesecake and it works okay with cream. You'd just end up with more of a cheesecake flavour and texture.

  8. This does look absolutely scrumptious ...


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