Saturday, 7 August 2010

Share My Prize - but you'd better be quick!

Hello all Blog Friends! I'm just back from my holiday - more about that tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I've returned to an e-mail from Ella Publishing, about the prize I won in their Most Influential Scrapbookers Award giveaway.

I entered the giveaway on Noell Hyman's Blog on 20th July, but I've been waiting to hear what my prize is. The e-mail was sent 3 days ago, while I was on holiday, so I haven't had the chance to respond yet. 

The prize is Two places on each of Two of Shimelle's courses - one for me, one for a friend! The courses are "Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages" and "Journal Your Christmas". I have actually e-mailed back to ask if I can offer my place on the "Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages" course to another friend, as I have just done this new course anyway, but I'm pleased to be offered "Journal Your Christmas", as I haven't done that one yet.

Anyway, the long and short of it is.... I wondered which of my Blog Friends hasn't already done one or other of these courses and might enjoy joining in? Once you're signed up, you don't have to do it immediately - the registration will give you immediate and permanent access to all the online materials/prompts etc for that course, via Shimelle's course forum, but you can do the course any time - as I understand it, you could wait until the next "formal" run of the course, then join in with all the new people, so it was a "proper class".

I know that various folks have been busy with "Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages" and that many of you have done "Journal Your Christmas"... I met many of my Blog Friends through the "Blogging For Scrapbookers" course anyway and I know that lots of you have done other Shimelle courses.

So, Who Has missed either of these courses so far?

Who would like to share my prize?

Please leave me a comment, saying which of the courses you would like to share.  I will pull names out of a hat... but please do this quickly, as I need to get back to Ella Publishing asap (she asked me to respond by yesterday, but that wasn't very easy as I was away; anyway, she only gave me 3 days to reply, which I think was a bit unfair, as it took about 2 weeks to contact me about the prize anyway).  I want to e-mail the names on Tuesday (!), which only gives you guys the weekend and Monday to respond.

Please comment by Monday night (GMT!) and I'll choose the names at random.  There is one place going on each of the two courses and possibly a second on Love Your Pictures, if they will allow me to give away "my" place.

Hurry, hurry! xx


  1. Lizzie,
    You are so sweet! I have done both of them so I'm not entering, but I do think it's so sweet of you to make the offer. I'm sure you'll find a deserving recipient.

  2. Oh the delights of returning from holiday to e-mails demanding action! at least this one has a bonus involved

    As Rinda says so kind of you to share. I signed up for (but have not done yet) Love your pictures .... But I have not done Journal Christmas so would love to be in the draw for that one.

  3. Have done both of them already,Lizzie....they are great classes....someone will be very lucky.....a lovely idea to share.

  4. i am so glad you won a g8 prize, i won a place on jessica spragues photoediting class. i wont enter the draw as i think i've done them all. why not introduce a new friend to shimelle
    Jo xxx

  5. Ha, Jo, that is my evil plan... I'm a Shimelle Courses Pimp!

    But seriously, it would be nice to give someone else the chance to enjoy one of Shimelle's great courses - so long as I can get the response in quick enough!

  6. Hi Lizzie. This is so cute of u to share your prize. what a lovely idea! I have done love your pictures and wouldn't be around for journal your christmas what with school and revision etc so please don't count me in, but this is so sweet an idea! Abi xxx

  7. Many congrats on your win Lizzie, and hope you had a wonderful vacation (looking forward to hearing all about it!). Its very sweet of you to offer your classes, however, I too have done them both (and also used Shimelle's generous coupon for a friend's birthday, spreading the word too, LOL!). Hope you find enough people. x

  8. That's so sweet of you, but I have done both classes! Hope someone signs up here who hasn't as they are both fantastic classes. Well done on winning them :)

  9. What an absolutely lovely thing to do for your bloggy friends Lizzie - I haven't done either of these courses but my frined has and she raves about them...and I know what you mean about getting back to emails - I came back to 247 and I checked it when we were in you got your washing in before it got dark - mine is still there and will probably stay there till morning now!!! Have a great week...x

  10. Congrats on your win..what a lovely prize! I've done both of these (I'm looking forward to JYC coming round again this year) and it would be a fab treat for a lucky blog reader

    Many thanks for putting up my button. Much appreciated!

    Oh, and welcome back!

  11. Hi Lizzie, just found my way here via Abi's blog. I'd love to be in the draw for Journal your Christmas as I've always wanted to do that class! Thanks for the chance to share your prize! x

  12. I'd love to do Love Your Pictures! I was so bummed I couldn't afford to do it this time around. It looked like such fun from all the blog posts I have seen.

    This'll be my 4th year for Journal Your Christmas. It is an awesome class

  13. Well folks, I'm waiting to hear back from Rachel at Ella Publishing... She asked me to reply to her email (sent Wednesday pm) by Friday 6th.... I was on holiday. So I replied Saturday evening, asking if I could gift both places on LYP/LYP, as I had already done this and saying I'd be in touch again once I'd had time to speak to friends about sharing the prize.
    No reply from her today. Hope she isn't on her holidays now.
    Anyway, I'll wait til tomorrow am, then I will choose two folks for the 2 places I have def. got, plus a "reserve" for LYP, in case I can share it. I need to tell her their contact details, so be ready!!
    If there's still no reply, I will contact Shimelle direct on Thursday.

  14. How sweet of you to share your prize - I think I'm after mid-night, but anyway thank you for your encouraging comment about etsy. I'm definitely building up to it!


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