Saturday, 28 August 2010

New Page, New Toys!

I've had a busy week, but today I had some fun and have made a new Scrap Page.  It was inspired by Shimelle's Challenge, to scrap with Aqua, Red and White:

I embellished it with hand-stencilled designs, using white Conte crayon.  I also made some embellishments with hand-cut lino stamps.  They all came out pretty well. 

I'm pleased with this one - another for my "Me" album, which has about 4 pages now... Time I actually put them in an album together, I think!

It was a good afternoon to be in my studio.  This was the weather outside (after a morning of bright sunshine, when I was stuck indoors!) -

Yes, that is a small flood you can see on the road!

Luckily it cleared up after a couple of hours and the sun came out again before bed-time!

While I was in my studio, watching the rain, I played with my new toys!! EEEEE.... I am excited to announce the arrival of....

A die-cutting/ embossing machine!

I got this today at a local scrapping shop called, Stamp Addicts.  They are a great shop and stock their own ranges of rubber stamps and crafting materials, along with a good selection of other stamps, papers, embellishments, inks, paints, tools etc, etc... They have an online shop where you can get a lot of their stuff. 

Anyway, they have had a special promotion during August and I got this today.  I'm really happy about it, as I already had this - 
- and needed a die-cutter/embossing machine to make it work.

I spent an hour or so experimenting.

The Cuttlebug included this little set of embossing dies, which I had fun trying out.  As you can see, they produce a really nice, crisp imprint.  I did another on a thinner paper though, which didn't come out well; so obviously a good quality paper is best. 

I also had this Sizzix embossing folder, which I got free with a magazine about 100 years ago.  The brass stencil is good for hand-embossing, but I wanted to see how it came out on the embossing machine.  After a bit of experimenting, and making my own packing sheet from a piece of medium-weight card, I got a really nice impression - as you can see.

Encouraged by the success of the Sizzix die, I tried out a rubber mat I had bought along with the Cuttlebug, which is designed to allow you to use the brass stencils you get for embossing by hand. 

I tried a couple of brass stencils and was really pleased with the results.  I think I ought to buy some Christmas stencils, for this year's cards!

Then I started to experiment a bit with the Letterpress kit.

There were nine plates provided with the kit, so I thought I'd try some embossing with this one.
A piece of grey paper on top and close the lid...
Not a very good result.  The paper is a bit thin.
This was the result with a piece of cardstock.  It's a "debossed" image, which means it goes in, rather than being raised out from the surface.  It doesn't produce an embossed image on the reverse though, so I can't emboss with these plates, only deboss.  Still, it looks nice (better in real life!).

The kit came with a tube of sticky black printing ink, a roller etc, but I didn't want to get all gooey today!  I tried inking up the plate with an ordinary little craft ink pad in a soft aqua colour.

This is the result.  I'm really pleased with it.  It's printed onto some soft sketch paper.  The hand-dabbed ink has given it a soft, blended effect and it really looks lovely.  I could do good stuff with this!

A closer view of the de-bossed and inked effect. 

So, that was today's experimenting.  I have lots to learn about these two bits of equipment, but it does mean I have my own teeny mini printing press!  I still need to find out what other kinds of stuff I can use as plates to print with.  The rollers do not adjust and I can't use anything that's too thick, or it will break the machine; but I hope I might be able to try some prints with the soft lino I have bought.  If the Letterpress won't allow it, I think the Cuttlebug plates are varied enough to accept some lino plates.  I'll report back when I have tried it out!


  1. Ooooh! New toys! You're doing great with it! But what I really love is how your handcut stamps look at the layout! Soooo cool.

  2. love love the inked deboss - what fun to have a new toy and various kits to try it with.

    Great LO - a topic I think everyone should have in their 'about me' album

  3. oooh yes i have just treated myself to the big shot and some tim holtz dies
    Jo xxx

  4. You've had a real good play,Lizzie....nothing like a new toy to inspire!!
    Love how you've used your stamps on your page.

  5. Ooh I love the debossed image, it's so pretty. Can't wait to see what you make Lizzie.

  6. Love your layout - especially the stamped accents and the way you've framed youself within the photo :-) And have lots of fun with your new toy! The inking/debossing looks fab, I may need to look into this letterpress... xx

  7. Oh, I can just tell how much fun you are having with your experimenting; and I have an idea you will be creating some very beautiful things indeed with your new toy.

    I love your beach hut lino cut.

  8. Looks like you have been having lost of fun and I love the layout :-)

  9. Lovely page Lizzie! You are so talented :) And I think every scrapper needs a "me" album. Your kids will probably prize that one over all of the others in 20 years.

  10. ooohh that debossing is really neat!

  11. LOVE my cuttlebug! Didn't realise you could use the letterpress stuff with it. Your stamps look wonderful Lizzie, really added a great look to your page. Enjoy playing with your new toy!


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