Saturday, 14 August 2010

Attempt at a Digi Layout and Our Holiday in Pictures (lots!)

Well, I've finally edited some of my holiday photos, to make them suitable for blogging...

But first, here is my very first attempt at using Photoshop for a Digital Scrapbook Page. I have done digi layouts before, but only with a scrapbooking package or using Smilebox.  I used one of the Katy Pertiet papers, from the Designer Digitals downloads that came free with the second Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book. 

I then used this fab template, courtesy of Mel.  However I couldn't get the photo strips bit to work, so I just kept them whole (and I think I prefer this one as it is, but I must learn how to work the template stuff!!)

Anyway, here is my First Digi Layout with Photoshop:

I'm quite pleased with this, though there were a few hiccups.  I mentioned the template for the photo strips.  Also I had some problems using a rather nice overlay (courtesy of Kirsty Wiseman, about 100 years ago!). I couldn't work out how to use it, without chopping out the writing in the centre and then messing with the transparency/colour etc. I'm sure there should be a way, but it looked ok in the end, after using Shimelle's recent lesson (in Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages course) about making vignettes, to create a softer edge in a second layer of the overlay. It doesn't look as clear as I would like (the edges have lovely swirls on), but it adds some interest around the edge of the page.
I also managed, somehow, to shrink the layers with the paper strip and the torn edges, so that they no longer fit right across the page. J. pointed out that they are also slanted and I don't think the were on the original!

Still, for a first attempt, it's quite good.  I need to get to grips with how the different functions work, as I'm obviously blundering about a bit and creating silly problems for myself.

Thanks for the Freebies, Katy/S.I., Mel and Kirsty!

* * *

Our Holiday in Pictures
 We went away last week and stayed in a holiday cottage, in the little town of Wells Next the Sea, North Norfolk.  It's our favourite seaside place in the world... If I don't go there at least once in each year, I get severe withdrawal symptoms...

The pace of life there is fairly relaxed:

This is the Harbour area...

where we like to sit and watch the world..

...or walk back and forth to the beach, which is about a mile along the road from the harbour

... or go for evening walks...

and look at boats,
or just relax

Even on a rainy day, Wells is lovely.
It has a wonderful beach...
Which is popular, but never crowded...
Where we like to go

to relax

or dig in the sand

or paddle in the sea

or just wander

dabble our feet...


and generally feel happy!

The playground has a new climbing frame, in the shape of a ship

which the baby appreciated very much

they had a lovely time playing there, even in the rain!

There's also a little train, that runs along the road to the beach

and the campsite at the beach end of the road has amusements - we like crazy golf

We also paid a visit to the Dinosaur Park, about 20 miles away:

We made new friends

and we played in their playground too!

J. had a go at their assault course

and we walked about their lovely gardens

E. brought a small friend home with her

Back home we relaxed in the nice cottage,

played with the toys that were provided for us,

ate nice food,

went out for walks

When it rained we played with the 2p Penny-Push machines at the Arcade
and the dance machine!
and had fun winning lots of prizes

We even went out to an open-air concert one evening, on the village green, as it was Wells Carnival Week

I think we had a great holiday this year! We were sad to leave (though it was nice to be home again). 

 My sister spent four days camping with her dogs, at a village nearby, so we were able to see them each day, until they went home. I hope they enjoyed their break as well.

On the final morning, we went to Holkham Beach for a couple of hours, to sit and dream of holidays to come..


  1. im so glad u had a good time, i love the seaside whatever the weather. looks like u had as much fun on the boat as j and e!!!! loving the digi LO. It does get easier with practice
    Jo xxxx

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous holiday - rain or shine, Lizzie...x

  3. Lovely pics Lizzie, I like the laid-back opening times. That's very funny : )

  4. Oh I'm really envious, despite my Norfolk holidays of my childhood, it has been several years since I have been for a visit.

  5. I know exactly what you mean about finding the beach soothing - it is exactly the same for me and I coulndn't care less if were hot, cold or wet!

    Well done on the digi page, once you get the hang of things it gets so much easier and your confidence grows - you'll be master in no time Lizzie :-)

  6. So glad you had a lovely vacation Lizzie; loved seeing your piccies. Its so long since we had a British seaside holiday; I remember going to Great Yarmouth and sitting on the beach with my thermals and a polo neck on (and getting funny looks too!).

    Congrats on your first digi page, its great! If you ever need any help figuring it all out, just give me a shout. I am dying to teach photoshop!!!

  7. fabulous photos - love the beach whatever the weather, always good for the soul.

    well done on the digi page, as Amy says, you just have to keep trying things and it does get easier - the undo button makes experimenting possible

  8. It does look like a beautiful place, even on a rainy day. There's nothing like the beach to blow the cobwebs away!

  9. Looks like a great place for a vacation. Good job on the layout!

    Check out They have some excellent free tutorials for beginning digi scrapping with various software

  10. Good for you with the digi - thanks for using my template, it gave me such a thrill to see it! If I can be of any help with how to use it then please do drop me an email :-) And there are plenty of bloggers with rather more expertise than I have who will be more than happy to help too, I'm sure!

    Love your holiday pics - so pleased you had a good time xx


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