Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sian's 49 Things List...

So, the wonderful Sian has produced her own version of those lists that have been doing the rounds.  This has 49 things that you may have done/not done etc.  I thought I'd have a go, just for fun.

The ones I have done are highlighted...

1. Seen The Terracotta Army in China

2. Cross stitched a sampler
(several, for friends' new babies - that was before I had my own and was too busy!)

3. Kept a friend for more than 20 years
(my Best Friend and I have been friends for 28 years)

4. Made your own jam
(yummy! Strawberry and plum jams)

5. Seen the Crown Jewels in The Tower Of London
(when I was in the guides... a century ago)

6. Attended a school reunion and enjoyed it

7. Kissed the Blarney Stone

8, Learned how to tap dance
(yay! I went to tap classes when I was in my 20's, until I started college on the same night)

9. Seen one of the Wonders Of The Ancient World

10. Ridden a tandem bicycle
(day out with a b/f. It's much harder than it looks!)

11. Commissioned a piece of furniture
(a chest of drawers. It's not a spectacular piece, but was made specially for me!)

12. Sold for profit something you made yourself
(greetings cards for several years, then recently hand made books, craft items and toys in my shop!)

13. Seen Sydney Opera House

14. Walked up the outside of a volcano
(does an inactive, ancient volcano count? There's a big tower of rock on the Isle of Eigg, Hebrides. It's an ancient volcanic plug. I climbed that!)
15. Met an idol

16. Found or sent a message in a bottle

17. Held a stranger's hand, just because they needed you
(on a plane, flying to Germany. The lady next to me was very scared, so I held her hand during take-off).

18. Thought you might have seen a ghost

19. Been caught speeding

20. Won a bet

21. Visited a penpal
 (her name was Bridget. she lived in Telford and I went to stay in the Easter Holidays. Had a lovely time. Wonder where she is now...)

22. Published a poem
(but only in the school magazine. Does that count?)

23. Had your appendix removed

24. Pierced an interesting part of your body

25. Seen your name in lights

26. Had a handsome man buy you Champagne

27. Had tea at The Ritz

28. Found a peacock feather

29. Made a collection of more than 50 objects
(books, scrapbooking kit!, stamps)
30. Crossed The Equator

31. Partied through til breakfast
 (yay! I wonder if I'd have the energy to do this now? Probably not! Student stuff really...)

32. Found a fossil
(in Whitby Bay, when I was 11)

33. Seen The Northern Lights
(but I've seen the Midnight Sun - twice - in Norway and Finland)

34. Built your own house
 (does a bedroom and bathroom count?)

35. Started a Mexican Wave

36. Judged a competition

37. Flown in a hot air balloon
(ah, missed this one by a whisker - or a baby to be more accurate. DH bought me a flight but I couldn't go as I was expecting J)

38. Spent too much money on something you've only worn once

39. Scored an own goal. Figuratively or otherwise
(if we're talking figuratively, then lots!! but then, who hasn't?)

40. Appeared on live tv

41. Asked for your money back
(well, I always seem to choose the item that turns out to be broken or faulty...)

42. Had your photo taken with someone famous

43. Grown your hair long enough to sit on

44. Been locked in somewhere overnight, or long enough for it to start getting scary

45. Found something valuable and made sure it was returned to its rightful owner

46. Taken part in some kind of endurance event or attempt

47. Driven from one end of your country to the other
(not quite but I drove from Bedford to Inverness, which was a loooong drive)

48. Been publicly recognised for bravery or special community service

49. Gone out on the town in an outfit you've made entirely on your own

It's quite fun doing these. I can see why Sian found it hard to think of things for her list though!
Thanks Sian, it was fun.


  1. ooh interesting answers, love the balloon one, couldnt you have gone post baby?
    Jo xxx

  2. Really interesting to compare answers, Lizzie :-) So glad you did this too! xx

  3. I'm surprised that almost everyone has climbed a volcano! LOL! I think you're the only one who has sent or received a message in a bottle.

  4. Interesting answers - love the balloon one too x

  5. I saw a certain someone's name over on the announcement of winners in a certain Ella blog hop.... Congratulations!! xx

  6. Nice answers Lizzie. This is a really nice thing to do! xxx

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Great answers Lizzie! I did have fun thinking this one up and I've really enjoyed your answers: thanks for giving it a go :)


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